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8th Annual Russian AGRI-FOOD Forum

Business Conference - 8th Annual Russian AGRI-FOOD Forum
Business Conference

By : Adam Smith Conferences

Date : 2009

Location : Russia / Moscow

Description :

Conference focused on agribusiness, food & beverage, retail, and other sectors of the food supply chain in Russia

Keywords :

Retrail food, Food production, Beverages, Agribusiness

The comprehensive Forum agenda offered the latest market analysis for the Agri-food sector


Topics covered include: 


  • “What’s in the food basket? Updates on the main market trends in agribusiness, food and beverage production and food retail”


  • Insight into government policy and key forecasts for Russian agri-food market development.


  • In-depth knowledge on the market leaders’ needs strategies in the current tough times and beyond.


Comments from some of the participants:


“An opportunity for the leaders to proclaim their success and for the followers – to gain the necessary knowledge and experience”
Pavel Trofimov, Gazprombank


“Great list of participants, a wide range of questions and problems was covered at the conference”
Fillip Zubakov, Nomos Bank


“I’ve gained a better understanding of the Russian agricultural sector”
Ole Meland, Danish Agriculture and Food Council


“Good opportunity to hear first hand about the real situation in both agribusiness and retail, as well as development trends. This conference provides contacts with the decision makers”
Alexander Shinov, Agrosoyuz


“Good combination and coverage of the most up-to-date topics”
Anastasya Ermachenkova, Raiffeisen-Leasing


The documentation includes 30 presentations PDF (23 are in Russian and 7 in English).


The 50+ strong speaker faculty was headed up by some of the most influential and knowledgeable figures in the Russian agri-food and retail sectors, including:


  • Victor Semenov, Deputy, Russian State Duma and Founder, Belaya Dacha Group
  • Dominic Dyer, Chief Executive, Crop Protection Association UK 
  • Eric Rasmussen, Director Corporate Sector Russia, EBRD
  • Alexander Soldatov, General Director, Razgulay Group
  • Pavel Skurikhin, Chairman of the Board, Siberian Agrarian Holding
  • Eugeny Firsov, Deputy Director, Stoylenskaya Niva
  • Konstantin Kuguchin, Strategy Director, Agrograd
  • Sergey Kiryushin, Chief Agronomist, Synergia Holding
  • Lev Khasis, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, X5 Retail Group
  • Maxim Volgarev, Executive Director, SPAR Russia B.V.
  • Musheg Mamikoyan, President, Meat Union of Russia
  • Raisa Demina, General Director, Velkom
  • Stefano Vlakhovich, President, Producty Pitania
  • Victor Lutovinov, General Director, AlterWest
  • Alexander Borisov, General Director, Moscow International Business Association & Advisor to the Mayor of Moscow
  • Alberto Volpato, Agricultural Councillor, Delegation of the European Commission in Russia
  • Kevin Graham, President, Subway Russia
  • Irina Eldarkhanova, CEO, Konfael
  • Alexander Kostikov, Communications Director, PepsiCo Russia
  • Alexander Tarasov, General Director, Consensus (Emelya croutons)
  • Dmitry Potapenko, Managing Partner, Management Development Group (retail chains Gastronomchik and ProdEko)
  • Oksana Lopyreva-Beliaeva, Business Affairs Manager, McCain Europe
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Product Type : Business Conference

Author : Various - Adam Smith Conferences


Languages : English

Organizer : Adam Smith Conferences

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