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Food Safety Traceability Systems – recall traceability capabilities, costs and trends

Webinars - Food Safety Traceability Systems – recall traceability capabilities, costs and trends

By : Compliance Online

Date : 2012

Location : United States US / Palo Alto

Video 55m
Description :

This Food Safety system webinar will discuss reducing recall exposure using regular and lower cost traceability capabilities available with different food safety and drug ePedigree systems.

Keywords :

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With the government moving to electronic food traceability requirements, the pressure will be on to comply at all levels in the food supply chain. In the four months it took for the FDA to track down the source of salmonella contamination, deaths piled up.



Who Will Benefit:


This webinar is a must for food safety professionals from inspection, audit, laboratory and other disciplines wishing to explore futuristic food safety technologies and approaches.

  • Governmental professionals concerned and involved with food traceability issues and systems should attend in order to learn more about pending technologies and approaches.
  • Responders to recalls and terrorist food contamination
  • Systems Consultants
  • Food Safety Inspectors and Consultants
  • Food Safety Compliance Body Personnel
  • Anyone faced with having to choose and select a food traceability system - including farmers, food safety specialists, distribution centers, and retail and restaurant outlets.




Areas Covered in the Seminar:


  • New technologies that drastically reduce costs of electronic traceability.
  • Barcode and RFID electronic Systems.
  • The future of cell phone technology.
  • Simple Tagging (slap and ship) as a low risk alternative vs. RFID at the high cost end.
  • On-line hosted systems vs "own your own".
  • Item vs case and pallet levels of identification.GS1 and other high cost factors.
  • ISO 22005 - International Standard for Food Traceability.
  • Traceability at the Federal and international levels.
  • What Microsoft, IBM and other large organizations are planning.
  • The FDA and S510 or HB 2749 (The law).
  • The future of cell phone technology.


Instructor Profile:

Dr. John Ryan,is the Administrator for the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture's Quality Assurance Division and a co-chair of the newly formed FDA/CDC food protection information technology team. He has spent over 25 years implementing high technology quality control systems for international corporations and is currently implementing Hawaii’s RFID traceability and State Food Safety Certification system.

Dr. Ryan specializes in closed-loop quality control systems employing real-time traceability, sensor measurement devices and process controls. He has recently implemented the country's first farm-distribution-retail RFID pilot system tracking produce through the food supply chain (Google "Hawaii Food Traceability" or visit http://www.HawaiiFoodSafetyCenter.org.). He is a co-chair of the FDA/CDC information technology food protection team.


Food Safety Traceability Systems – recall traceability capabilities, costs and trends

Product Type : On Demand Webinar

Author : John Ryan

Video 55m

Languages : English

Organizer : Compliance Online

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