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Managing the morale of troops

Seminar / Training - Managing the morale of troops
Seminar / Training

By : Ecole de Paris du Management

Date : 2009

Location : France / Paris

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Description :

Morale is the key to the operational efficiency of an army : Clausewitz compared its role to that of the blade of a dagger. How to manage morale of troops?

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Employee motivation, HR management, employee morale,

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Morale is the key to the operational efficiency of an army : Clausewitz compared its role to that of the blade of a dagger. Morale also plays a crucial role in the current global crisis because the worst danger facing the entire capitalist system is not generalised economic failure but the lack of motivation, involvement and trust of employees, share-holders, clients and ultimately citizens.


According to Frank Vermeulen, the author of a recent study for the Ministry of Defence, there are at least three different approaches (once disagreements about the meaning of words are put to one side). These include the universal approach, the 'French exception' approach, and opportunist approaches. General Jean-René Bachelet and Alain Rohaut use examples to outline their views on military and civilian matters, and explain the best way to manage the morale of troops both in peacetime and in times of crisis.


The report includes a summary of the presentation plus a report of Q&A session


About speakers:



Associate director of FVA Management. He helps managers in both the public and private sector to develop, monitor and assess policies. He is a lecturer and author on management, innovation and performance in the service industry. He teaches in several higher education institutions and at the INET (Institut national des études territoriales). He is a member of the IDP (Institut du discernement professionnel) and the SFE (Société française de l'évaluation).



General. He has published numerous articles about the military profession. The latest appears in the 'Cahiers pour une nouvelle gouvernance mondiale' from the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation and is entitled 'Maîtriser la violence dans un monde globalisé' ('Bringing the violence of War under control in a globalized world.').



Human resources director for AXA, the leading insurance company in terms of financial protection. Having spent more than thirty-five years in important international groups, he has become an expert in human resource management, change management, the development of leadership and organisations.

Presentations from Frank VERMEULEN, Jean-René BACHELET and Alain ROHAUT  followed by a Q&A session.


The document includes a report of the speaker's presentations and the Q&A sessions





Compte-rendu du séminaire sur "Manager le moral des troupes?"

Company Description : Le rapport inclut un compte-rendu des interventions et de la session de Questions/Réponses. 11 Pages

Product Type : Conference Summary

Author : Frank VERMEULEN, Jean-Rene BACHELET, Alain ROHAUT

PDF 11p

Languages : French

Report from "Managing the morale of troops" Seminar.

Company Description : The report includes a summary of the speakers presentations and the Q&A session. (11 pages)

Product Type : Conference Summary

Author : Written by Yves DOUGIN and translated by Rachel MARLIN.

PDF 11p

Languages : English

Organizer : Ecole de Paris du Management

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