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Developing information technology services in India

Seminar / Training - Developing information technology services in India
Seminar / Training

By : Ecole de Paris du Management

Date : 2006

Location : France / Paris

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The seminar theme was the development of information technology in India.

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software, information techonology india, rightshore, management india, outsourcing

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Information Technology (IT) service companies such as Capgemini went through a difficult patch after the Internet bubble burst and prices subsequently collapsed. Gilles Taldu was recruited by Capgemini because of his industrial experience in improving productivity and production relocation. He implemented a strategy based on two principles : 'distributed delivery' (distributing production between front and back office sites), and 'rightshore' (finding the optimal location for production teams in order to meet client needs). Capgemini subsidiaries have been established in various countries, but it is the Indian subsidiary which is the leader in this development, with a year-on-year increase of 80 % in employee numbers over the past three years. Today, the Capgemini management intends to change this so that the Indian employees are no longer regarded simply as subcontractors, but can take full advantage of the potential synergies between the Indian and Western teams.



About the speaker: Gilles TALDU


A high-ranked engineer from the prestigious Corps des mines, the greatest technical corps of the French state. He ended his adminstrative career as industrial adviser in the cabinets of the ministry of Industry, the ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister. He created Thomson Broadcast Systems, the television images main system manufacturer, and joined the Thomson executive committee as director of the B-to-B (Business to Business) branch to take part in the economic recovery and privatisation of the company which was valued at one Franc. He joined the Capgemini executive committee in 2003 in order to launch the industrialisation of a company of IT services by taking the risk of successfully establishing centres in India.

Presentation from Gilles TALDU followed by Q&A session.


The document is a report of the speaker presentation and the Q&A Session.

Report from "Developing information technology services in India" Seminar.

Company Description : The document is a report of the speaker presentation and the Q&A Session. (10 pages)

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Author : Élisabeth BOURGUINAT

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Organizer : Ecole de Paris du Management

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