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Report on «Creation in the Perfume World»
Creation in the Perfume World

Creating a perfume is difficult to describe because words cannot adequately evoke a scent. Yet language is at the heart of this creative process. At Hermès, Jean-Claude Ellena has developed his own style which is natural and simple, and therefore in contrast to the diktats of the perfume market.

By : Jean-Claude ELLENA
Product Type : Conference Summary
Report on «Hermès : handbags, scarves... and helicopters !»
Hermes : handbags, scarves... and helicopters !

What do a leather handbag, a silk scarf and a helicopter have in common ? The surprising answer is Hermès. However, how did Hermès come to sign an agreement with Eurocopter ?

By : Corinne POUX-BERNARD and Gabriele PEZZINI
Product Type : Conference Summary
Report on « A perfume editor : a new concept for creators »
A perfume editor : a new concept for creators

Les Éditions de parfums, a new business concept which goes against the trends of the times, aims to give back creative freedom to the most famous 'noses'. Frédéric Malle devised a creative model similar to that of a literary editor, which has started to change people's ideas in the perfume world.

By : Frédéric MALLE
Product Type : Conference Summary