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CNS Workshop on Medical-Radionuclide Production

Academic Conferences - CNS Workshop on Medical-Radionuclide Production
Academic Conferences

By : Canadian Nuclear Society

Date : 2009

Location : Canada / Ottawa

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Description :

The CNS Workshop on Medical-Radionuclide Production focuses on the different methods available for producing medical radionuclides.

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A reliable supply of radionuclides is critical for many areas of nuclear medicine.


Shortages have highlighted the need for additional sources of medical radionuclides, especially molybdenum-99.

The Workshop brang together specialists with knowledge in various methods of producing radionuclides for nuclear medicine to share their perspectives. Its outcome wase the provision of sound technical information on the various alternatives.

The Workshop comprised expert presentations on the different methods available for producing medical
radionuclides, and featured speakers from ACSION Industries, AECL, McMaster University, MDS Nordion, TRIUMF, Canadian Society of Nuclear Medicine and others.

This Workshop is of interest to persons with general knowledge of radioactivity, nuclear reactors, accelerators and related technologies who wish to become more knowledgeable about the available methods of producing medical radionuclides.


Includes the 13 papers and presentations given at the CNS Workshop on Medical-Radionuclide Production.

The proceedings include the 13 papers and presentations given at the CNS Workshop on Medical-Radionuclide Production.


Regulatory Aspects of Medical Isotope Production in Canada
Terry Jamieson (Vice President, Technical Support Branch, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission)

Mo-99 Production by Proton-Induced Fission with LEU
Frédéric Stichelbaut (Manager, Research and Development, IBA)
Y. Jongen (IBA)

Split Up & Separate: Accelerators, Mo-99, and Photo-fission
Tim Meyer (Head, Strategic Planning and Communications, TRIUMF)

Two Routes to Solving the Mo/Tc Isotope Crisis: Direct Production of Tc-99m and Isotope Separation
Thomas Ruth (Senior Research Scientist, TRIUMF and BC Cancer Agency)

E-Beam Production of Molybdenum-99
John Barnard (Director, Research and Technology, ACSION Industries)

Isotopes Shortages: Living in it, and Seeking Future Solutions
Kennedy Mang'era (Director, Health Sciences Center Radiopharmacy/Winnipeg RHA and Prairie Isotope Production Enterprise (PIPE))

Using the Mo-100 Photoneutron Reaction to Meet Canada’s Requirement for Tc-99m
Carl Ross (Group Leader, Ionizing Radiation Standards Group, National Research Council Canada)



Securing the Future of Medical Isotopes and Neutron Science in Canada: The Canadian Neutron Source (CNS)
Richard Florizone (Vice-President Finance, University of Saskatchewan)

Requirements for a Commercial-Scale Domestic Mo-99 Supply
Richard Coats (Sandia National Laboratories, USA)

An INVAP Perspective on the Production of Medical Radioisotopes: Past and Present
Marcelo Salvatore (Manager, Strategic Operations - Nuclear, INVAP, Argentina)

Canadian Neutron Source (CNS): A Research Reactor Solution for Medical Isotopes and Neutrons for Science
Dean Chapman (Canada Research Chair in X-Ray Imaging, University of Saskatchewan)

Bridging the Gap: The Role of MNR in Securing Canada's Medical Isotope Supply
Chris Heysel (Director, Nuclear Facilities and Operations, McMaster University)

Rubidium-82 PET Alternative Radiopharmaceutical for Myocardial Imaging (Rb-ARMI)

Robert deKemp (Associate Professor and Head Imaging Physicist, Cardiac Imaging, University of Ottawa Heart Institute)




CNS Workshop on Medical-Radionuclide production methods

Company Description : It includes 13 PDF files related to the presentations given a the CNS Workshop on Medical-Radionuclide production methods series

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Author : Canadian Nuclear Society

PDF 938p

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The CNS is dedicated to the exchange of information, both within the nuclear professional and academic community, and with the public, in the field of applied nuclear science and technology. This encompasses all aspects of nuclear energy, uranium, fission and other nuclear technologies such as occupational and environmental protection, medical diagnosis and treatment, the use of radioisotopes, and food preservation.