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Global Solar Demand Conference

Business Conference - Global Solar Demand Conference
Business Conference

By : SolarPlaza BV

Date : 2010

Location : Spain / Valencia

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Description :

Conference focused on the most promising emerging marketsa and the wide solar energy growth. Representatives from leading solar PV companies will speak about the markets they're involved in, analyze the current situation and talk about future perspectives.

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The first day of The 4th Global Demand Conference focussed on the most promising emerging markets. Speakers and representatives from leading companies and associations highlighted the availabe opportunities in their countries


The second day of the 4th Global Demand Conference  was all about the Top-10 markets of the world.

The wide solar energy growth was discussed and the global supply dynamics was put in perspective. Representatives from leading solar PV companies will speak about the markets they're involved in, analyze the current situation and talk about future perspectives.

Demand dynamics in the major solar PV markets


Day 1: Emerging Markets



PV market worldwide – an overview

Markus Monssen-Wackerbeck - Head Energy & Utilities EuPD Research (Hoehner Research & Consulting Group)


Israel: an emerging Middle-East market with attractive incentives

Vladimir Budyansky: CEO, Quantum Business Group


Canada: will Canada install more PV systems than the USA?

Torsten Scholl: Co-founder and Member of the Board at Omniwatt


South Africa: soon to be the continent’s biggest grid-connected PV market?

Ryan Hammond; Executive Director, Solaire Direct Southern Africa


Portugal: will this country follow the other Southern European markets? 

Marcio Matos; Martifer Solar


Morocco: the 500 MW initiative and market opportunities explained

Karine Boistelle;Global Marketing & Communications Manager and Board Member Tenesol Group


Turkey: will the Turkish market take off in 2011?

Dr. Baha Kuban; Owner, Cleanglobe


Bulgaria: what will happen with the GW pipeline of large-scale power plant initiatives?

Nikola Gazdov: Chairman Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association (BPvA)


United Kingdom: what are the business opportunities in the UK within the new FiT framework?

Ray Noble: PV Specialist, Renewable Energy Association


Greece: will this promising market with high incentives finally take off?

Stelios Psomas: Policy Advisor, HELAPCO (Greek Solar Industry Association)


India: the potential giant is waking up... 

Rajeewa Arya: CEO, Moser Baer Photovoltaic Ltd


Day 2: Top 10 Markets



Global solar industry supply and demand in perspective: will oversupply drive prices down?

Henning Wicht: Senior Director and Principal Analyst Photovoltaics, iSuppli


Australia: will this promising market finally take off?

Steve Blume: Senior Adviser to Simon Corbell MLA (Minister for Energy in the Australian Capital Territory)


Korea: will its attractive support program sustain this Asian growth market

Mark Jee: Director, Solar & Energy Company


France: the new growth engine of the European PV market

Richard Loyen: Managing Director of Enerplan, the French Solar Energy Business Association


China: when will the pipeline be built with all the MegaWatt projects?

Alex Zhu: Head of Global Product Strategy (GPS), Suntech Power


Belgium: is the rise of the Belgium PV market sustainable?

Yves de Backer; Business Development Manager, Enfinity


Czech Republic: will 2010’s market explosion collapse in 2011?

Martin Müller, Director, CZREA (Czech Republic Renewable Energy Association)


Japan: Is the country back on track and en route to sustainable growth?

James Plastow, Global Product Strategy Manager, Solar Frontier; PV expert based in Japan for many years


Italy: the world’s second largest solar PV market

Gert Gremes: President of GIFI (Italian Solar Industry Association) and Director of PV company Technospot


USA: will utility scale PV power plants put the USA in pole position?

Paula Mints: Director | Energy | Navigant Consulting (USA); Principal Analyst | PV Services Program


Spain: what will happen concerning the Spanish feed-in tariff?

Luis Torres: Managing Director, SEU Market, SunPower Corporation


Germany: the world’s largest market is growing faster and faster

Gerhard Stryi-Hipp: Head Energy Policy, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy (ISE)


Wall Street’s interpretation of the solar PV industry and market outlook

Vishal Shah: Industry and market Analyst, Barclays Capital, New York




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Solar Plaza is the independent global platform for knowledge, trade and events for the photovoltaic solar energy (PV) industry. The company mission is to empower the solar future. Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, the company was founded in 2004.The company has been leading and inspiring the solar industry with high level events and trade missions for more than six years. Solar Plaza has organized more than 25 international PV trade missions and expert conferences in China, Spain, Italy, Greece, California, Taiwan, India, the UK and France.