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Third Global PV Demand Conference 2009

Business Conference - Third Global PV Demand Conference 2009
Business Conference

By : SolarPlaza BV

Date : 2009

Location : Germany / Hamburg

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Description :

Conference focused on the experiences and challenges, drivers, incentives, major segments, legal and financing issues, and the expected market-growth dynamics in the world's major PV markets in the event of a further price drop of solar modules.

Keywords :

PV markets, solar PV industry, market, solar futur, solar and PV market and country research

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The event provided the platform to exchange crucial market and country information for the global solar and photovoltaic industry, with leading experts, creating a real global market demand-side overview.


Session I: Dynamics of the PV industry and global supply


Joe Berwind: Author of the book ''Investing In Solar Stocks'' and founder of ''Alternative Energy Investing''


Session II: the world’s leading PV markets


Germany: for how long will it remain the world’s largest PV market?

Gerhard Stryi-Hipp: Head Energy Policy, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy (ISE)


Italy: the world’s fastest growing solar PV market
Gert Gremes: President of GIFI (Italian Solar Industry Association) and Director of PV company Technospot


Session III: the European upcoming markets


Spain: is PV application in the built environment the new road to a solar future?
Javier Anta: President of the ASIF (Spanish Solar Industry Association)


France: will this Mediterranean country follow Italy?
Richard Loyen: Managing Director of Enerplan, the French Solar Energy Business Association


Greece: will this promising market with high incentives finally take off?
Stelios Psomas: Policy Advisor, HELAPCO (Greek Solar Industry Association)


Belgium: Is the rise of the Belgium PV market sustainable?
Henk Vanderhaegen: Director Operations Enfinity (Belgium Developer & System Integrator)


Czech Republik: From emerging to sustainable top-10 PV market Bronislav Bechnik: RES Specialist CZREA (Czech Republik Renewable Energy Association)

Session IV: the high potential upcoming Asian markets


China: will this market open up and support its own as well as foreign

Mr. Stephen Cai; Director China Electric Equipment Group (CEEG), Chairman of the board of CEEG SST and Business CEO of CEEG PV


India: the potential giant is waking up...
B.V. Naidu; Chairman ISA

Rajiv Arya


Korea: Will the attractive support program sustain this Asian growth market
Prof. Donghwan Kim; PV expert at Korea University, former President of KPDO (Korean Photovoltaics Development Organization)

Session V: the return of former leading PV markets


Japan: Will the new government support scheme revive market growth?
Dr. Hiroshi Matsukawa: Senior Consultant, Overseas Division, RTS Corporation (Japan)


USA: How close is the USA to becoming the world’s biggest PV market?
Paula Mints: Senior PV expert, Principal Analyst, PV Services Program & Associate Director of Navigant Consulting (USA)

Session VI: Analysis of what might happen next


The Wall Street interpretation of the solar PV industry and the market outlook
Vishal Shah: Industry and Market Analyst, Barclays Capital, New York



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