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4th Middle East Healthcare Insurance Conference

Business Conference - 4th Middle East Healthcare Insurance Conference
Business Conference

By : Ins Communications Pte Ltd

Date : 2010

Location : Lebanon / Beirut

Description :

This conference aimed to explore the roles and risks involved for the insurance industry, what needs to be done, and what safeguards should be applied to avoid the pitfalls. Is it a possibility or a pipe dream to provide medical care for all? How can it be kept affordable and available for all?

Keywords :

Healthcare Standards, Healthcare Affordability, Middle East Healthcare provision

Medical insurance is a major growth driver for the insurance sector in Lebanon which has an attractive free market economy structure.

Lebanon’s healthcare system and facilities have experienced some upheaval, intensified and stirred by the civil unrest in the past. Much needs to be done to balance the public and private sectors’ roles in building a sustainable and stable healthcare policy.


While companies and locals in Lebanon registered with the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) have partial health coverage and benefits supplemented by the government, those wanting extended and more comprehensive cover need to purchase private policies which can be costly. It is also essential and recommended for expatriates and workers in post conflict reconstruction efforts to have adequate medical cover given the fragile political situation and threat of terrorism in the country.


This conference aimed to explore the roles and risks involved for the insurance industry, what needs to be done, and what safeguards should be applied to avoid the pitfalls. Is it a possibility or a pipe dream to provide
medical care for all? How can it be kept affordable and available for all? How do other industrialised nations manage a national healthcare service?

The two-day conference looked at the global trends and development in healthcare, experiences and updates of the healthcare systems in the Middle East, challenges and opportunities for healthcare insurers and providers, regulatory requirements, underwriting issues, managed care, and how to manage large outlays necessary for quality service standards and infrastructure such as claims handling and cutting-edge technology, to meet the increasing demands.

With Lebanon as an interesting backdrop, this year’s event  provided for a colourful discussion on how the Middle East can manage its healthcare challenges, while at the same time ensuring that the needs of the masses
are met affordably and with the right standards in place.

Day One: 1 November 2010, Monday

9.00 am Opening Address by Chairman of Conference Marcel Daher, General Manager, NEXtCARE, Lebanon

9.10 am Welcome Address Dr Bahij Arbid, Director, Planification Department, Ministry of Public Health, Lebanon

9.40 am Keynote Address: Managing Healthcare Challenges, Standards & Affordability Walid Genadry, Head of the Insurance Control Commission, Ministry of Economy and Trade, Lebanon

10.00 am Special Address: The Path Towards Universal Coverage in the Eastern Mediterranean Region Dr Hossein Salehi, Ph.D Economics, Regional Adviser, Health Economics and Health Care Financing, Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO), The World Health Organisation

11.15 am Underwriting & Claims Management Christian Gregorowicz, CEO, Nex tCare

12.00 nn The Dynamics in Claims Control in Healthcare Ian Hayward, Head of Business Development & Customer Relations, Middle East/Africa, Munich Health

12.30 pm Lunch hosted by NextCare Sustainable Strategies and Compulsory Schemes


2.00 pm Critical Success Factors for Compulsory Healthcare Insurance - Health Schemes in Different Countries Guy Saad, Assistant Manager, Actuary and Insurance Advisory Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers

2.30 pm Overview of the Healthcare Systems in the MENA Region Masood Ahmed, Executive Director, Green Crescent Insurance Company

3.00 pm An Asian Case Study on Indonesia Adhe Aurora Gultom, Director,
PT Lippo General Insurance 3.30 pm Tea Break Quality Standards, Performance and Accreditation

4.00 pm The Healthcare System in Syria - 2010 The Health Insurance Year in Syria Dr Hisham Diwani, General Manager, Health Insurance Pool Central Administration, Ministry of Health Syria


4.30 pm Critical Issues in Healthcare in the Middle East: Impact of Accreditation on Addressing Access, Quality and Safety Issues Dr Ashraf Ismail, Managing Director, Middle East International Office, Joint Commission International (JCI)



Day Two: 2 November 2010, Tuesday 9.00 am Special Focus on Lebanon: Experiences, Development and Future Outlook Dr Fadi El-Jardali, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Management & Policy and International Healthcare Expert, American University of Beirut

9.30 am The Role of Takaful - Healthcare Takaful Mohammad Azmatullah, Assistant General Manager - Family and Health, Hannover ReTakaful B.S.C. (c)


11.00 am How to Establish An Effective Public Private Partnership - What are the Issues, Challenges & Recommendations? Ziad G. El-Khoury, Managing Partner, El-Khoury & Partners and Of Counsel, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey


11.30 am Healthcare Leadership (HCL):
- What is HCL? How to be a HC Leader?
- Tools to achieve HCL. Deliverables and Market Indicators Fehr Nazer, Head of the Provider Relations, Bupa Arabia


12.00 Medical Insurance Education and Training: A Critical Success Factor Dr Suzanne White, Chartered Insurance Practitioner, CII Accredited Trainer, General Manager, JWZ Solutions W.L.L.


12.30 pm New Horizons, New Opportunities in Healthcare

2.00 pm ICT-Supported Solutions for Borderless Healthcare Benefits
Walid Hallassou, Deputy General Manager, MedNet Liban

2.30 pm Anchor Address: The Future of Medical Insurance in the Middle East – Strategies for Effective and Sustainable Healthcare Business Performance
David T. Youssef, Managing Director, Middle East & Africa, N ow Health International


Panel Discussion: A Reality or Pipe Dream: Making Healthcare Affordable and Available for all? What Now and What’s Next? Panel will look at the hot healthcare issues today, providing possible solutions based on issues and
concerns raised during the conference as well as how to meet the medical/healthcare needs and demands with sustainable approaches amid rising healthcare costs and challenges.

Panelists: Mazen Abouchakra, Regional Director, MENA & Cyprus, Gen Re,
LifeHealth Mediterranean Rachid Abi Nader, Senior Manager- Actuarial and Insurance Advisory, PricewaterhouseCoopers Mohamad-Ali Hamandi, Board Member, Syndicate of Hospitals Lebanon


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