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The 2009 Annual Private Healthcare Insurance

Business Conference - The 2009 Annual Private Healthcare Insurance
Business Conference

By : Laing & Buisson

Date : 2009

Location : United Kingdom UK / London

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Description :

Speakers discuss the impact of the credit crunch on the sector and the prospects for growth in the current climate. The conference will also consider whether a genuinely plural market in healthcare can ever be achieved and the independent sector involvement in community based healthcare.

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healthcare, NHS, hospital viability, genuinely plural market, infrastructure, primary care, Quality Agenda, regulation, insurance,

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The economic recession takes centre stage at this year’s annual acute healthcare and annual private healthcare insurance conferences. As its impact becomes more transparent, independent healthcare providers and insurers will be discussing latest purchasing trends and how customers are responding to new economic and business pressures. The key challenge for the conferences will be to identify winning strategies through the recession, and emerging opportunities and market niches going forward. A host of key speakers will be offering their insights on current and future industry developments, covering customer expectations, competition and cooperation, improving delivery partnerships, NHS opportunities, regulatory developments and anti-fraud, tackling rising healthcare costs, and future product innovations. While keynote speakers on both days will cover the big
question of the economy and how best to survive and beat it. 


Conference objectives

Speakers at the acute conference this year include, among others, many of the leading providers of independent healthcare, the Chair of the new regulatory body, the Care Quality Commission and the Chairman of the Cooperation and Competition Panel. Speakers will discuss the impact of the credit crunch on the sector and the prospects for growth in the current climate. The conference will also consider whether a genuinely plural market in healthcare can ever be achieved and the independent sector involvement in community based healthcare. The recession is the main focus at this year’s private healthcare insurance conference, as its impact becomes more transparent, and latest  purchasing trends indicate how corporate and individual customer behaviour is responding to economic and business pressures. This conference aims to identify winning strategies which can be implemented in 2009 by medical insurers to strengthen and successfully develop their businesses, and recognise opportunities to improve and innovate the private medical insurance offering going forward as healthcare expectations continue to rise. Speakers this year include the leading healthcare insurers, key private hospital partners, the sector’s leading cancer specialist, a global corporate employee benefits specialist, the industry’s antifraud representative, and the keynote comes from a pioneering ‘thought leader’, and acclaimed author of motivational books for business and personal development, including ‘Beat the Recession’.

Chair: Mike Izzard, Chairman,  Association of Medical Insurance Intermediaries

09.15     Registration & coffee

09.45     Is the current economic climate a threat or an opportunity?
• How does the economic downturn affect perceptions of the value of private health cover?
• What are the challenges in anticipating changing customer behaviour, keeping existing customers and winning new ones?
• Which products and services will win during economic uncertainty?

Dr Natalie-Jane Macdonald
Managing Director
Bupa UK Membership

10.10     Beating the recession
• Key ideas to strengthen your business in the face of recession
• Getting your pricing right can make or break you?
• The importance of positive business thinking
• Are you realising your full potential?

Nicholas Bate Strategic Edge Ltd Author of ‘Beat the Recession’

10.35     Meeting healthcare demands of thecustomer through a spectrum of coversolutions during economic pressures
• Are all healthcare cover options vulnerable in the current recession?
• What are the likely effects and actions of a recession in different distribution channels?
• What are the upsides of a downturn?

Chris Harrison Executive Director Healthplans Simplyhealth

11.00     Open forum

11.15     Morning coffee

11.45     Working effectively with medical insurersto ensure best value for insured customers
• A common goal - best value, and high quality for insured customers
• How has the delivery structure of private healthcare been changing and its impact for insurers?
• Working with consultants to deliver quality  private healthcare

Jill Watts
Chief Executive Officer
Ramsay Health Care UK

12.15     Offering better value to employers andemployees, and working together to keepa lid on rising costs
• How are employers’ preferences for medical insurance likely to change in the recession?
• How can the corporate healthcare proposition offer more to employers and employees in uncertain times?
• Companies and insurers working together to reduce the scale of private healthcare costs

Steve Clements

12.45 Open forum

13.00 Networking lunch

14.00 Private ‘top-ups’ on the NHS, the future availability of expensive cancer drugs onthe NHS, and the implications for privatehealthcare insurers
• Are private ‘top-ups’ on the NHS likely to become commonplace in the future?
• Will NHS rationing and restrictions be an inevitable consequence of rising healthcare expectations?
• How should individuals be encouraged to save for future healthcare needs?

Professor Karol Sikora
Medical Director

14.30     Strategies and product innovation totackle rising healthcare/medicalcosts, today and in the future - aninsurer’s perspective
• The impact of new drugs and medicines on PMI over time - corporate v individual cover
• Must insurers move towards more managed care and direction to deliver cost savings?
• Is ‘Co-payment’ the most efficient answer to rising healthcare costs?
• Private NHS ‘top-ups’ - a major source of new demand or just another PMI policy variant?
• Can typical PMI cover be further restricted without fatally undermining the appeal of the product?

Laurent Pochat-Cottilloux
Commercial Director
Standard Life Healthcare

15.00     Fighting fraud within the healthcareinsurance sector - progress fromcooperation and ongoing challenges
• The problem
• Progress made in tackling fraud within the sector
• Data sharing and joint working
• The future

Dr Simon Peck Publicity Officer Health Insurers Counter Fraud Group (HICFG)

15.30     Open forum

15.45     Afternoon tea and close

Audio and presentation from The 2009 Annual Private Healthcare Insurance

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PDF 103p
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