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The 30th Annual Canadian Nuclear Society Conference

Academic Conferences - The 30th Annual Canadian Nuclear Society Conference
Academic Conferences

By : Canadian Nuclear Society

Date : 2009

Location : Canada / Calgary

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Description :

The Proceedings cover topics such as nuclear power generation, management of radioactive wastes, uranium mining and refining or medical and industrial uses of radionuclides.

Keywords :

nuclear energy developments, uranium value chain, candu reactors, nuclear criticality, nuclear power facilities, hydrogen ingress, water radiolysis, Flow-Accelerated Corrosion, Liquid Zone Control System, Thermalhydraulics System Code, Nuclear Conference proceedings

Keywords inside documents :

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The proceedings Includes the 205 papers and presentations given the at The 30th Annual Canadian Nuclear Society Conference.


Objectives of the Canadian Nuclear Society conference:

To promote information exchange on all aspects of nuclear science and technology, including:

• nuclear power generation
• management of radioactive wastes
• associated activities in R&D
• uranium mining and refining
• medical and industrial uses of radionuclides

To foster the development and beneficial utilization of nuclear science and technology for peaceful uses:

• To encourage education in, and knowledge about, nuclear science and technology
• To enhance the professional and technical capabilities of those involved in nuclear science and technology in the Canadian context.

The proceedings Include the 205 papers and presentations given the at The 30th Annual Canadian Nuclear Society Conference.


PLENARY I / PLÉNIÈRE I Nuclear Energy Developments Review of Canadian and Global Nuclear Energy Developments

Chair: D. Hawthorne, President & CEO, Bruce Power

USA & Global Nuclear Update
A. Laferrère (President & CEO, AREVA Canada Inc.)

Nuclear Energy Developments at OPG
B. Robinson (Senior Vice President, Nuclear Programs & Training, Ontario Power Generation)

New Brunswick
D. Hay (President & CEO, New Brunswick Power)

Capturing the Full Potential of the Uranium Value Chain in Saskatchewan
R. Florizone (Chair, Saskatchewan Uranium Value-Added Partnership Task Force)

Alberta: Hon. H. André, Chair, Alberta Expert Panel on Nuclear Energy
H. André (Chair, Alberta Expert Panel on Nuclear Energy)

AECL EACL/Delivering More
G. Carr (Chair of the Board, AECL)


CNS Luncheon

Speech by: Hon. Bill Boyd, Minister of Energy and Resources, Saskatchewan. Presented by: Tim McMillan, MLA Lloydminster

Session T1 – Large LOCA & Void Reactivity in CANDU

Chairs: J. Froats (COG), J. Waddington (Nuclear Safety Consultant)

Large-LOCA Margins in CANDU Reactors - An Overview of The COG Report
A.P. Muzumdar (CANDU Owners' Group), D.A. Meneley (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)

Power Reactor Safety Comparison - a Limited Review
D.A. Meneley (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), A.P. Muzumdar (CANDU Owners' Group)


Session T2 – Nuclear Criticality Safety

Chairs: G. Austman (Bruce Power), J. Whitlock (AECL)

Nuclear Criticality Safety Management for Enriched Fuel Handling Operations at Bruce Power
H.G. Austman (Bruce Power)

Implementation of a Nuclear Criticality Safety Program at AECL
L. Dunn (AECL)


Session T3 – Chemistry & Materials

Chairs: B. Ikeda (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), J.C. Wren (The University of Western Ontario)

Laser Peening to Mitigate Stress Corrosion Cracking of Nuclear Power Facilities
J. Rankin (Metal Improvement Company), C. Truong (Metal Improvement Company), C.B. Dane (Metal Improvement Company), F. Harris (Metal Improvement Company), L. Hackel (Metal Improvement Company)

Parameters Controlling Hydrogen Ingress During Corrosion of Pressure Tube Material
M. Elmoselhi (Kinectrics Inc.), R.E. Irwin (Kinectrics Inc.)

A Program on The Corrosion of Carbon Steel in The Presence of Water Radiolysis
J. Ball (AECL), D. Guzonas (AECL), C. Stuart (AECL), J.C. Wren (University of Western Ontario)

Effect of Magnesium on Lead Induced Stress Corrosion Cracking of UNS N08800
L. Tian (University of Alberta), J. Luo (University of Alberta), B. Lu (University of Alberta), A. Palani (University of Alberta), Y. Lu (AECL)

Novel Gadolinium Chemistry in Moderator Water
A. Rudolph (Kinectrics Inc.)

Parameters Influencing Flow-Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) in The Secondary Side of Nuclear Power Plants
M. Khatibi (University of New Brunswick), D.H. Lister (University of New Brunswick), A. Feicht (University of New Brunswick), L. Liu (University of New Brunswick), S. Uchida (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), K. Fujiwara (Central Research Institute of the Electric Power Industry), T. Ohira (Japan Atomic Power Co.), H. Takiguchi (Japan Atomic Power Co.), K. Hisanume (Japan Atomic Power Co.)

The Crystal Structure and Elastic Properties of Pure and Dy Doped Urania
B. Szpunar (Queen's University), J. Szpunar (McGill University)

Onset of The Local Magnetic Moment on Nb in Zirconia
B. Szpunar (Queen's University), J. Szpunar (McGill University)


Session T4 – Instrumentation & Control 1

Chairs: R. Didsbury (AECL), E. Davey (Crew Systems Solutions)

The Considerations to Use Soft Start AC Controllers in Nuclear Application
D. Raonic (AECL), S. Maljukan (AECL)

Investigation into Sensitivity of Darlington Boiler 2 Feedwater Flow Calibration Factor to Boiler Level Control Valve Configuration
D. Coppens (Ontario Power Generation), Y. Gurevich (Daystar Technologies Inc.), V. Ton (Ontario Power Generation), D. Zobin (AMEC NSS)

Display Concepts for Maintaining Alarm State Overview During Unit Evolutions
E. Davey (Crew Systems Solutions)

Liquid Zone Control System Instability Test Program
L. Rodrigo (AECL), H. Boniface (AECL), G.D. Zakaib (AECL)

A Distributed Control System Design for Nuclear-Based Hydrogen Production With Copper-Chlorine Thermochemical Cycle
A. Al-Dabbagh (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), L. Lu (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)

Advanced Digital Rod Position Indication System for Existing and Next Generation Nuclear Reactors
H.M. Hashemian (AMS), G.W. Morton (AMS), B.D. Shumaker (AMS)


Session T5 – Operation & Maintenance

Chairs: E. Williams (Bruce Power, Retired), V.S. Krishnan (Sankrish Consulting Inc.)

Darlington NGS Vacuum Building Outage: Modification to Supply Post-Seismic Makeup Water to The Heat Transport System
D. Li (Wardrop Engineering), B. Dean (Wardrop Engineering), M. Emad (Wardrop Engineering)

Qualification and Performance of An Improved Inflatable Seal for Containment
T. Sykes (AECL)

Pickering Unit 7 Calandria Tube Leak Operational Impacts
J. Price (Ontario Power Generation), R. Powell (Ontario Power Generation)

Maximum Allowable Crack Size for Cracks in The Attachment Weld of Nuclear Steam Generator Upper Lateral Support Lugs
S.-Y. Yang (Ontario Power Generation - Nuclear), A. Sze (Ontario Power Generation - Nuclear)

Characteristics of Wear Products From Fueling Machine Ram Balls at Darlington
A. Husain (Kinectrics Inc.), C. Wu (Kinectrics Inc.), Y. Verzilov (Kinectrics Inc.)

Stochastic Modeling of Inspection Uncertainties and Applications to Pitting Flaws in Steam Generator Tubes
D. Mao (AMEC NSS), X.-X. Yuan (Ryerson University), M. Pandey (University of Waterloo)

Development of a Simplified Fuel Oxidation Model for Defective Nuclear Fuel
K. Shaheen (Royal Military College of Canada), B. Lewis (Royal Military College of Canada)


Session T6 – Education & Public Outreach

Chairs: J. Whitlock (AECL), A. Buijs (McMaster University)

Graduate Diplomas in Nuclear Technology
G. Bereznai (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)

Making Ionising Radiation a Real Experience for High School Science Students
J. Whitlock (CNS ECC, AECL Chalk River Laboratories), P. Lang (CNS ECC), D. De La Matter (Madawaska Valley District High School - Retired), P. Hinman (CNS ECC), B. White (CNS ECC)

Passive Fire Protection
T. Cerosky (Nuvia Mecatiss, France), V. Raillard (Nuvia Mecatiss, France), R. Smith (Nuvia International, UK)

A Web-Based Resource for the Nuclear Science/Technology High School Curriculum
C. Ripley (Liaison Officer, AECL)

AECL R&D's Role in Promoting Nuclear Research and Education
R. Sadhankar (AECL)


Session T7 – Environment & Waste Management

Chairs: S. Zaidi (AECL), M. Stephens (AECL)

ACR-1000® Environmental Performance Design Improvements
M. Sachar (AECL), S. Julien (AECL), K. Hau (AECL)

Castor Oil Polyurethane as a Coating Option for Spent Nuclear Fuel Disposal Containment
A. Mortley (Royal Military College of Canada), H.W. Bonin (Royal Military College of Canada), V.T. Bui (Royal Military College of Canada)

The Future of Radioecology at AECL? Back to Basics
D. Rowan (AECL)

Design and Installation of a Strategically Placed Algae Mesh Barrier at OPG's Pickering Nuclear Generating Station
D. Marttila (Kinectrics Inc.), P. Patrick (Kinectrics Inc.), C. Gregoris (Kinectrics Inc.)

Removal of Selected Radionuclides and Metal Contaminants by Natural Zeolites From Liquid Effluents
J. Gallant (The University of Western Ontario), A. Prakash (The University of Western Ontario), L.E.W. Hogg (ZEOX Corporation)

Session WF1 – Western-Focus Seminar Introduction to New Nuclear Frontiers

Chairs: D. Pendergast (Alberta Branch of CNS), L. Simpson (Manitoba Branch of CNS)

Introductory Remarks
D. Pendergast (Alberta Branch of the CNS), J Harvie (CNS), H. McFarlane (Nuclear Energy Academy)

Comparing the Market for Nuclear Power in Alberta and Saskatchewan
D. Bratt (Mount Royal College)

Should Manitoba Go Nuclear?
L. Simpson (Former Mayor, Pinawa, Manitoba), B. Skinner (Mayor, Pinawa, Manitoba)

Total Energy Supply for Remote Human Habitations: Nuclear North of 60
J. Harris (Bruce Branch of the CNS)

Energy for Oil Sands Production
S. Asgarpour (Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada)


Session A – Student Conference / Conférence étudiante

Chair: D. Novog (McMaster University)

Type Testing of LiF:Mg,Cu,P Extremity TLD Type Testing at Ontario Power Generation
D. Morris (McMaster University)

Using a Thermalhydraulics System Code to Estimate Heat Transfer Coefficients for a Critical Heat Flux Experiment
B.A. Statham (McMaster University)

Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer of Supercritical Fluids Under SCWR Conditions
Y. Zhang (University of Western Ontario)

Comparative Studies of Digital Controllers in CANDU Nuclear Power Plants
P. Zahedi (University of Western Ontario), E. Zahedi (University of Toronto)

Isotope Effects on Apparent and Partial Molar Volumes of HCl, LiCl, and NaCl Measured in H2O and D2O from 250 C to 350 C and 14 MPa to 19 Mpa
K. Erickson (University of Guelph), S. Moore (University of Guelph), D. Raffa (University of Guelph), L. Trevani (University of Guelph & UOIT), P. Tremaine (University of Guelph)

Predicting Iron Transport in a Supercritical Water Cooled Pressure Tube Reactor
F. Brosseau (University of Guelph), D. Guzonas (AECL), P. Tremaine (University of Guelph)

Critical Control Valves and their Reliability During Seismic Events
P. Zahedi (University of Western Ontario), E. Zahedi (University of Toronto)

Development of Design Support Tool Using Integrated Hierarchical Control Chart (HCC) & IEC61131 for Nuclear Power Plant Control
E. Nasimi (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), H.A. Gabbar (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)


Session T8 – Physics 1

Chair: M. Younis (AMEC-NSS), J. Pencer (AECL)

Validation of The TRIAD3 Code Used for The Neutronic Simulation of The NRU Reactor
T.C. Leung (AECL), M.D. Atfield (AECL)

Neutronic Modeling and Thermal Neutron Flux Measurement of The MCR6 Rod in The NRU Reactor
X. Wang (AECL), T. Leung (AECL)

SORO Prediction of High Response NOP Detectors
G. Wang (Bruce Power)

Application of RFSP-IST Determined Trip Delay Time to Wolsong-1 Loss of Regulation Simulations
D.-H. Chung (Atomic Creative Technology Co., Ltd., Daejeon, Korea), J.-H. Kim (Atomic Creative Technology Co., Ltd., Daejeon, Korea), C.-H. Cho (Atomic Creative Technology Co., Ltd., Daejeon, Korea), S.M. Kim (NETEC, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Company, Inc.)

Review of Worldwide Reactor-Physics Codes and Their Applicability to CANDU® and ACR-1000® Analysis
W. Shen (AECL), M. Dahmani (AECL)

MINER: Three-Dimensional Multi-Group Finite-Difference and Nodal Method for CANDU® Applications
B. Phelps (AECL), W. Shen (AECL), E. Varin (AECL)

Correction in Homogenization Method for CANDU Fuel Channel Deformation
G.-S. Choi (Kyung Hee University, Korea), M.-H. Kim (Kyung Hee University, Korea), J.-H. Park (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)


Session T9 – Thermalhydraulics 1

Chairs: A. Teyssedou (École Polytechnique de Montréal), J. Shan (XTJU, China)

A Simulation-Based Optimization of The Secondary Loop of Gentilly-2 Nuclear Power Plant
J. Dipama (École Polytechnique), W. Hounkonnou (École Polytechnique), A. Teyssedou (École Polytechnique), F. Aubé (CANMET, NRCan)

Heat Transfer Modeling of CANDU Pressure Tube Under Localized High Temperature Condition
F. Talebi (PhD Student), J.C. Luxat (Professor)

A Mechanisitic Model for Pressure Tube-Calandria Tube Thermal Contact Conductance for a Pressure Tube Ballooning Event
A. Cziraky (McMaster University), J.C. Luxat (McMaster University)

2D Modeling of Moderator Flow and Temperature Distribution Around a Single Channel After PT/CT Contact
A. Behdadi (McMaster University), J.C. Luxat (McMaster University)

Applicability of Steady State Critical Heat Flux Data to Transient Processes
L. Sun (NB Power)

Flow Oscillation Simulation With CATHENA
L. Sun (NB Power)

An Assessment of Pressure Tube Rupture Event in The Refurbished Wolsong-1 Nuclear Power Plant
S.R. Kim (NSSS, KOPEC), B.J. Moon (NSSS, KOPEC), J.Y. Huh (NSSS, KOPEC), C.J. Choi (NSSS, KOPEC), D.S. Lee (NSSS, KOPEC), S.M. Kim (NETEC, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Company, Inc.), Y.S. Lee (NETEC, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Company, Inc.)


Session T10 – Safety & Licensing 1

Chairs: L. Sun (New Brunswick Power), H. Fan (AECL)

MAAP4-CANDU Application to The PSA Level 2 for The Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station Refurbishment Project
S. Petoukhov (AECL), M. Brown (AECL), M. Mathew (AECL)

History of ROP Margins Erosion and Power Recovery at Gentilly-2
O. Vagner (Hydro-Québec), M. Nguyen (Hydro-Québec), G. Hotte (Hydro-Québec)

Human Factors Considerations in RD-337: Design of New Nuclear Power Plants
F. Harrison (CNSC)

Exploration of Pressure Tube Ballooning Temperature
L. Sun (NB Power)

Gentilly-2 Internal Initiating Events Frequencies Estimation for Level 1 PSA: The Need for Shared Generic CANDU Frequencies
K. Joober (ÉNAQ), A. Bellil (ÉNAQ), J.-F. Bolduc (ÉNAQ), T. Houasnia (Hydro-Québec), R. Vaillancourt (Hydro-Québec)

Level 1 Internal Flood PSA Accident Sequence Quantification for Point Lepreau Refurbishment Project
M. Wei (AECL), S. Sawh (AECL), L. Comanescu (AECL), B. Lee (AECL), J.G. Ha (AECL), R. Jaitly (AECL), A. Jean (NBPN), D. Basque (NBPN), D. Mullin (NBPN)

Bruce Power's Nuclear Pressure Boundary Quality Assurance Program-Requirements, Implementation and Transition
J.C. Krane (Bruce Power)


Session T11 – Safety Management & Safety Culture

Chairs: J. Lafortune (International Safety Research), J. Waddington (Nuclear Safety Consultant)

Integrating Risk Management and Safety Culture in a Framework for Risk Informed Decision Making
W.R. Nelson (Det Norske Veritas)

Managing Organizational Culture Within a Management System
L. Comeau (NB Power Nuclear), G. Watts (NB Power Nuclear)

Evaluating Safety Management System Implementation
M. Preuss (Transport Canada Civil Aviation)

Development of a Risk-Informed Safety Management System at The Gentilly-2 Nuclear Generating Station
D. Komljenovic (Hydro-Québec), G. Hotte (Hydro-Québec), M. Beaudet (Hydro-Québec)

Experiences from the Incorporation of International Rules and Guidelines on the Safety of Nuclear Power Plants into the German Nuclear Rules and Regulations
C. Wassilew (Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Germany), R. Donderer (Physikerbuero GbR), M. Mertins (Gesellschaft für Anlagen und Reaktorsicherheit mbH)

Predicting and Preventing Organizational Failure: Learning, Stability and Safety Culture
R.B. Duffey (AECL)

Nuclear Safety Culture at Pickering A: "Post ISTB"
M. Elliott (Ontario Power Generation)

Integrated Management System Laying a Foundation for Excellence
S. Brissette (Bruce Power), D. Vincent (Bruce Power)


Session T12 – Advanced Reactors & Applications

Chairs: L. Leung (AECL), J. Starflinger (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Germany)

Recent IAEA Activities to Support Advanced Water Cooled Reactor Technology Development
J.-H. Choi (IAEA), S. Bilbao y León (IAEA), A. Rao (IAEA)

Hitachi Turbine Generator Technology for Nuclear Applications
T. Nakamura (Hitachi Ltd. Power Systems, Hitachi Works, Japan), T. Kudo (Hitachi, Ltd. Power Systems, Hitachi Works, Japan), N. Akane (Hitachi Ltd. Power Systems, Nuclear Systems Division, Japan)

CAREM: An Innovative-Integrated PWR
R. Mazzi (INVAP)

Recent Results of Research on Supercritical Water-Cooled Reactors in Europe
J. Starflinger (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe), C. Köhly (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe), T. Schulenberg (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe), C. Maraczy (Hungarian Academy of Sciences KFKI Atomic Energy Research Institute), A. Toivonen (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland), S. Penttilä (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland), L. Chandra (Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group), J.-A. Lycklama a Nijeholt (Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group)

Canada's NSERC/NRCan/AECL Generation IV Energy Technologies Program
D. Brady (NRCan), T. Anderson (NSERC), D. Guzonas (AECL), H. Khartabil (AECL), L.K.H. Leung (AECL), S. Quinn (NRCan), W. Zheng (NRCan)

Thermalhydraulics Projects in Support of Conceptual Design and Safety Analyses of CANDU SCWR
L.K.H. Leung (AECL)


Session T13 – Control-Room Operations

Chairs: K. Berntson (Bruce Power), R. Chatterton (AECL)

Predicting Risk and Human Reliability: A New Approach
R.B. Duffey (AECL), T.S. Ha (AECL)

Protected Train - Protecting Available/Running Equipment
W. Parker (NB Power Nuclear)

Advanced CANDU Reactor, Computer-Based Displays Design Process
R. Bodner (AECL), R. Chatterton (AECL)

Using Statistical Process Control Methodology to Improve the Safe Operating Envelope
D. Reeves (Atlantic Nuclear Services Ltd.), P. Lunney (Atlantic Nuclear Services Ltd.), M. McIntyre (Atlantic Nuclear Services Ltd.), R. Prime (NBPower Nuclear)

Implementing Maintenance Complement Changes and Experience With Regulatory Guide G-323
K. Berntson (Bruce Power), J. Budau (Bruce Power)

Panel: An Operations Perspective - What Have We Learned in Implementing and Integrating Control Room Improvements in Operations - How Can We Do It Better in he Future?
R. Chatterton (AECL), A. Dykeman (NB Power), B. House (Bruce Power), I. Wilson (OPG), P. Lang (Air Canada)


Session WF2 – Western-Focus Seminar Nuclear Reactors & The Oil Sands

Chairs: D. Bratt (Mount Royal College), R. Oberth (AECL)

Small Nuclear Steam Generators for Alberta's Bitumen Resources
I.J. Potter (Alberta Research Council), H. McFarlane (Idaho National Laboratory)

The Hydrogen Defense Against Climate Catastrophe
D.S. Scott (U of T and U. Vic), N. Alexander (Organization of CANDU Industries)

Hybrid Nuclear-Fossil Systems for Low-Emission Production of Synthetic Fuels
R.S. Cherry (Idaho National Laboratory)

CANDU Nuclear Plant Configured for Multiple Oil Sands and Power Applications
R. Oberth (AECL), S. Kuran (AECL), R.B. Duffey (AECL), C. Cottrell (AECL)

Nuclear Hydrogen Applications for the Production of Synthetic Crude
D. Ryland (AECL), S. Suppiah (AECL)


Session WF3 – Western-Focus Seminar Nuclear Reactor Concepts

Chairs: D. Meneley (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), C. Voutsinos (Alberta Branch of CNS)

Energy to Save the World: Use of Portable Nuclear Energy for Hydrocarbon Recovery, Electrical Generation, and Water Reclamation
J.R. Deal (Hyperion Power Generation)

Applicability of Small Fast Reactor "4S" for Oil Sands Recovery
S. Matsuyama (Toshiba Corporation), Y. Nishiguchi (Toshiba), Y. Sakashita (Toshiba), S. Kasuga (Toshiba), M. Kawashima (Aitel Corp.), T. Grenci (Westinghouse), T. Grenci (Westinghouse)

Toshiba 4S Reactor Applications: Economic Case Studies
J.N. O'Brien (SASOR Canada and Tetra Tech), P.O. Moor (SASOR Canada and Tetra Tech)

Modular Helium Reactor (MHR) for Oil Sands Extraction
A. Shenoy (General Atomics), A. Telengator (General Atomics)

Heat and Power Sources Based on Nuclear Shipbuilding Technologies
K. Veshnyakov (JSC Afrikantov OKBM), Y. Fadeev (JSC Afrikantov OKBM), Y. Panov (JSC Afrikantov OKBM), V. Polunichev (JSC Afrikantov OKBM)

Compact, Transportable Nuclear Power Systems For Rapid Deployment To Remote Locations For Industry, Oil Recovery, Municipalities And Disaster Relief
J.R. Powell (Brookhaven Technology Group, Inc.), J.P. Farrell (Brookhaven Technology Group, Inc.), G. Merkel (United States Army Research Laboratory)


Session B – Student Conference / Conférence étudiante

Chair: A. Buijs (McMaster University)

Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) Coatings on a Zirconium Alloy for Improved Wear and Corrosion Resistance
Y. Chen (University of Windsor), X. Nie (University of Windsor), D. Northwood (University of Windsor)

Dysprosia Doped Uranium Dioxide Fuel and the Lambda Transition
M. Kleczek (Royal Military College of Canada), B.J. Lewis (Royal Military College of Canada), W.T. Thompson (Royal Military College of Canada)

Sheath Hydriding Model for Defective Fuel
G. Bruni (Royal Military College of Canada), B.J. Lewis (Royal Military College of Canada), W.T. Thompson (Royal Military College of Canada)

Communication Networks and their Applications in Control Systems of Nuclear Power Plants
A. Al-Dabbagh (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)

Multi-Step Approach to Code-Coupling for Progression Induced Severe Accidents in CANDU NPPS (MACPISA-CANDU)
D. Pohl (McMaster University), J.C. Luxat (McMaster University), W. Giannotti (University of Pisa), F. D'Auria (University of Pisa)

Towards Implementing Direct Sensitivity and Uncertainty Methods in Thermalhydraulic Codes
A. Morreale (McMaster University)

Investigation into the Application of Polyetherimide to Nuclear Waste Storage Containers
Y. Saboui (Royal Military College of Canada), H.W. Bonin (Royal Military College of Canada), V.T. Bui (Royal Military College of Canada)

A Preliminary Evaluation of Elemental Constituents of the Degraded Motor Engine Oil Using Neutron Activation Analysis
M. Murphy (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), R. Machrafi (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)


Luncheon & W.B. Lewis Lecture – Lunch et causerie The Future Nuclear Vision

Chair: D. Torgerson (Senior Technical Advisor, AECL)

The Future Nuclear Vision
D. Torgerson (Emeritus Senior Technical Advisor, AECL)


PLENARY II - PLÉNIÈRE II Uranium Mining Developments

Chairs: D. McCauley (Director, Uranium & Radioactive Waste Div., NRCan)

Cameco: Vertically Integrated Uranium Mining Company
G. Grandey (President and CEO, Cameco)

Aurora Energy Resources
D. Falconer (Aurora Energy Resources Inc.)

Uranium Production Developments
N. Carter (The Ux Consulting Company, LLC)


PLENARY III - PLÉNIÈRE III New Frontiers in nuclear Technology

Chair: D. Harris (President & CEO, Kinectrics Inc.)

Oil Sands Development – New Technologies
B. Doucette (Director, Environmental Excellence, Suncor Energy Inc.)

New Frontiers in Nuclear Technology
R.B. Duffey (AECL)

New Frontiers in Nuclear Technology - Medical Isotopes
S. West (President, MDS Nordion)

Institutional Failure: Are Safety Management Systems The Answer?
J.G. Waddington (International Safety Research), J.F. Lafortune (International Safety Research), R.B. Duffey (AECL)

Session T14 – Physics 2

Chairs: Y. Kim (KAERI), T. Leung (AECL)

On The Difference Between DRAGON and WIMS-AECL Calculations of The Coolant Void Reactivity
D. Altiparmakov (AECL), D. Roubtsov (AECL), D. Irish (AECL)

Comparison of MCNP and WIMS-AECL / RFSP Calculations With High Temperature Substitution Experiments in ZED-2 Using CANFLEX-LVRF
J. Pencer (AECL), B. Bromley (AECL), D. Watts (AECL), P. Carlson (Acsion Industries), A. Rauket (AECL), M. Zeller (AECL)

Reactor Physics Code Suite Validation Using Station Start-Up Data: An Assessment of Feasibility
I. Beith (Ontario Power Generation), G. Gavrus (Ontario Power Generation), Y. Parlatan (Ontario Power Generation), M. Younis (AMEC NSS)

Monte Carlo and Deterministic Evaluations of Pressure Tube Creep in a CANDU Lattice
Y. Kim (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute), G. Roh (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute), S.T. Hong (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute), J.-H. Park (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)

Test Irradiation of Recycled Uranium in Chinese CANDU Reactors
M. Chen (TQNPC), Z. Meng (TQNPC), Y. Jiao (NPIC), D. Li (NPIC), J. Wang (CNNFC), S. Kuran (AECL), C. Cottrell (AECL)

Assessment of The Coarse-Mesh Finite-Difference Method With The Multicell Methodology in RFSP for ACR-1000®
W. Shen (AECL), B. Phelps (AECL)

Validation of RRS Emulator Against Pickering B Setback Event
D. Luxat (AMEC NSS), Z. Farooqui (AMEC NSS), M. Dobrean (Ontario Power Generation), B.G. Phan (Ontario Power Generation), L. Blake (AMEC NSS)


Session T15 – Thermalhydraulics 2

Chairs: Y. Guo (CNSC), B.W. Rhee (KAERI, Korea)

Optimisation of CANFLEX-SCWR Bundle Through Subchannel Analysis
J. Shan (Xi'an Jiaotong University), L.K.H. Leung (AECL)

A Validation of CATHENA Fuel Channel Model for a Post Blowdown Analysis Against a High Temperature Thermal-Chemical Experiment Cs28-2
B.-W. Rhee (Xi'an Jiaotong University), H.T. Kim (KAERI), J.H. Park (KAERI), J.Q. Shan (Xi'an Jiaotong University)

Compliance Strategy for Statistically Based Neutron Overpower Protection Safety Analysis Methodology
E. Holliday (AMEC NSS Ltd.), B. Phan (Ontario Power Generation), O. Nainer (Bruce Power)

Evaluation of ASSERT-PV V3R1 Void Fraction Predictions Against The OECD/NEA BFBT Benchmark Data
K. Leung (McMaster University), D. Novog (McMaster University)

Advanced Design of ACR-1000® Moderator System
W.Y. Wang (AECL), J. Zhang (AECL), R. Noghrekar (AECL), R. Aboud (AECL), K. Hau (AECL), M. Soulard (AECL)

Using FORTRAN Modules to Design and Develop Modular Reactor Analysis Software Components
M. Mwaba (AECL)


Session T16 – Safety & Licensing 2

Chairs: G. Hotte (Hydro-Québec), J. Luxat (McMaster University)

ACR-1000® Pre-Project Regulatory Review Progress
N. Popov (AECL), R. Ion (AECL), S. Doerffer (AECL), J. Hopwood (AECL)

CANDU 6 HTS Diagnostic and Adjustment System for Economic and Safety-System Optimization
W.J. Hartmann (AECL), H. Choi (Korea Electric Power Research Institute), D.J. Wallace (AECL), V. Caxaj (AECL), A. Elalami (AECL)

Injection Transition Analysis of PLGS MPLP ECC System
Z. Cui (Atlantic Nuclear Services Ltd), M. McIntyre (Atlantic Nuclear Services Ltd.), R. Prime (Point Lepreau Generating Station), P. Lunney (Atlantic Nuclear Services Ltd.)

The Use of “Grading” in The Application of The CSA N286.7 Standard for Quality Assurance of Analytical, Scientific and Design Computer Programs for Nuclear Power Plants
J. Pascoe (AMEC-Nuclear Safety Solutions), D. Richards (AECL), E. Mileta (Ontario Power Generation), J. Skears (CANDU Owners' Group)

Enhancement of The Moderator Subcooling Margin Using Glass-Peened Calandria Tubes in CANDU Reactors
H.Z. Fan (AECL), R. Aboud (AECL), P. Neal (AECL), T. Nitheanandan (AECL)

An Engineering Primer on Extreme Value Statistics
D. Novog (McMaster University), F. Hoppe (McMaster University), O. Nainer (Bruce Power), B.G. Phan (OPG)

Pickering NGS Unit 7 Gadolinium Oxalate Formation Event: Investigation and Recovery
E. Sorin (Ontario Power Generation), P.D. Buchan (OPG)


Session T17 – Plant Life Management & Refurbishment

Chair: M. Li (OPG)

Pressure Tube and Calandria Tube Volume Reduction for Large Scale CANDU Retube
G. Hersak (AECL)

Practical Examples of how Knowledge Management is Addressed in Point Lepreau Heat Transport Ageing Management Programs
J. Slade (NB Power Nuclear), T. Gendron (AECL), G. Greenlaw (NB Power Nuclear)

A Risk-Informed Approach to The Assessment of DHC Initiation in Pressure Tubes
A. Sahoo (University of Waterloo), M. Pandey (University of Waterloo)

A Probabilistic Approach to Update The Lower Bound Fracture Toughness Using Surveillance Pressure Tube Data
M. Pandey (University of Waterloo), M. Wang (University of Waterloo)

Bruce Units 3 and 4 Life Extension Integrated Safety Review Process and Lessons Learned
D. Duncan (Candesco), L. Watt (Candesco), J. West (Candesco), P. Chan (Bruce Power)

Feeder Grayloc Hub Local Allowable Thickness - An Application of FFSG Appendix E Level 2 Evaluation
M. Li (Ontario Power Generation)

Integrated Ultrasonic Inspection Technology to Meet The Requirements of CANDU Steam Generator
A. Chen (Kinectrics Inc.), K. Maynard (Kinectrics Inc.), K. Chan (Kinectrics Inc.), T. Malkiewicz (Ontario Power Generation), J. Prince (Ontario Power Generation), J. Huggins (Ontario Power Generation)


Session T18 – Environment & Waste Management 2

Chairs: D. Meneley (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), M. Stephens (AECL)

Environmental Assessment Overview for New Build Reactors
G. Bird (AECL), A. Hayton (AECL), W. Lai (AECL)

Toxicity Regulation of RLW Effluent From CANDU Stations - Lessons From Ontario's MISA Program
D. Rodgers (Kinectrics Inc.)

Modelling of Radiation Exposure at High-Altitudes During Solar Storms
H. Al Anid (Royal Military College of Canada), B. Lewis (Royal Military College of Canada), L. Bennett (Royal Military College of Canada), M. Takada (Royal Military College of Canada)

Spent Fuel Storage Bay Cooling System, Modelling and Analysis
A. Gidi (Wardrop Engineering)

Setting Priorities for Decommissioning and Remediation Activities under The Federal Nuclear Legacy Liabilities Program at AECL Sites
M.E. Stephens (AECL), J.L. Campbell (AECL), D.H. Charlesworth (AECL), S.H. Miller (AECL), C.A. Purdy (AECL), C.W. Turner (AECL)

Creep and Shrinkage Analysis for Concrete Spent Fuel Dry Storage Module
D. Zhang (AECL)


Session T19 – Instrumentation & Control 2

Chair: R. Didsbury (AECL)

Development of a Digital Amplifier for Nuclear Radiation Detectors
S. Yue (AECL), T. Rector (AECL), B. Sur (AECL)

Evaluation of Slow Shutdown System Flux Detectors in Point Lepreau Generating Station - I: Dynamic Response Characterization
V. Anghel (AECL), D. Comeau (New Brunswick Power Nuclear), J. McKay (AECL), B. Sur (AECL), D. Taylor (New Brunswick Power Nuclear)

Evaluation of Slow Shutdown System Flux Detectors in Point Lepreau Generating Station - II: Dynamic Compensation Error Analysis
V. Anghel (AECL), B. Sur (AECL), D. Taylor (New Brunswick Power Nuclear)

DCS Emulator Development for Nuclear Power Plants
Y. Nakashima (Hitachi Canada Ltd.), K. Ishii (Hitachi Ltd.), D. Chiba (Hitachi Ltd.)

Design of a Portable Antineutrino Detector for Nuclear Reactor Monitoring
A. Ip (Queen's University), A.B. McDonald (Queens University), G. Jonkmans (AECL), B. Sur (AECL)

Implementation of Control Logic for Mitigating Systems in DCS
S. Narisetty-Gupta (AECL), A. Xing (AECL), J. Harber (AECL)

Design of a Decoupling Algorithm for The Reactor Nodal Core Model of a Large PHWR
N. Khan (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), L. Lu (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)


Session WF4 – Western-Focus Seminar Licensing, Construction, Education, Research

Chairs: P. Hinman (Alberta Branch of CNS), J. Whitlock (AECL)

Technology Neutral Licensing Requirements: Have we been successful?
T. Jamieson (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission)

Qualifications Needed to Design, Construct and Manufacture Nuclear Systems and Equipment
C. Voutsinos (Alberta Branch of CNS)

Pursuit of Nuclear Science and Technology Education in the Prairies
C. Rangacharyulu (University of Saskatachewan)

Energy Research and Public Policy Advice: A Bridge to Canada’s Future
L. Hoye (Professor Emeritus, University of Lethbridge)

Synchrotron Radiation Based Techniques For Nuclear Power Research
J. Hormes (Canadian Lightsource Inc., Saskatchewan)

Nuclear Energy And Health: And the Benefits of Low-dose Radiation Hormesis
J.M. Cuttler (Cuttler & Associates Inc, Ontario), M. Pollycove (M.D., School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, USA)


Session WF5 – Western-Focus Seminar New Reactor Concepts and Community Support

Chairs: R. Duffey (AECL), R. Varty (Consultant in Engineering Science)

NuScale Power: A New Approach to Commercial Nuclear Power
J.N. Reyes, Jr. (NuScale Power Incorporated, USA), P. Lorenzini (NuScale Power Incorporated, USA)

The Nuclear Industry - How a Community Benefits
N. Alexander (Organization of CANDU Industries)

Why CAREM?: Bias Towards Smaller Sized NPP
R. Mazzi (INVAP, Argentina)

Nuclear Power in the Snowmobile Capital of Alberta
T. Thain (Mayor, Whitecourt, Alberta)


Session C – Student Conference / Conférence étudiante

Chair: A. Teyssedou (École Polytechnique de Montréal)

Towards Improving the Detection Limit of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Dosimetry of Drywall
R. Mistry (McMaster University), J. Thompson (McMaster University), J. Rink (McMaster University), D. Boreham (McMaster University)

Heated Downward Facing Steel Plate in Pool Boiling
R. Lin (McMaster University)

Study of Trace Depressurization Predictions for the Marviken Critical Flow Test
D. Hummel (McMaster University)

WIMS Simulation of SCWR CANDU Geometry
M. McDonald (McMaster University)

Best Estimate SBLOCA Analysis of CANDU 9 Systems Part I: CATHENA Modelling
F. Bao (McMaster University)

An Approach to Modelling of Intermittent Buoyancy Induced Flow
J. Spencer (McMaster University)

Effects of Two-Phase Mixing and Void Drift Models on Subchannel Void Fraction Predictions in Vertical Bundles
K. Leung (McMaster University)

Mining and Its Tailing: The Environmental and Radioecological Consequent in Nigeria
I. Musa (University of Texas El Paso), B.A. Adewumi (University of Texas El Paso), A. A. Odunmbaku AbdulGaniu (University of Texas El Paso)



Chair: M. Ingram (Senior VP, Operations, AECL)

The Largest and Most Comprehensive Overhaul of 2 CANDU Units
J. Sauger (Senior Vice President, Bruce Power)

Point Lepreau
G. Thomas (VP, Nuclear, New Brunswick Power)

Update on Wolsong-1 Refurbishment Project
T.H. Lee (VP, Maintenance Planning & Engineering Dept., KHNP)

Gentilly-2 Refurbishment Project
C. Drouin (Deputy Director, Refurbishment Project)


PLENARY V - PLÉNIÈRE V Energy and Nuclear Regulation in Canada

Chair: M. Binder (President & CEO, CNSC)

Interprovincial and International Electricity Transmission
S. Leggett (Vice Chair, National Energy Board)

The Development of the Alberta Electricity Grid
S. Thon (President & CEO, AltaLink)

Development of the Siting Process for Long-Term Management of Canada’s Used Nuclear Fuel
S. Russell (Acting Vice President, APM Technology, NWMO)

Major Projects Management Office Initiative
P. Jennings (Assistant Deputy Minister, MPMO, NRCan)

The 30th Annual Canadian Nuclear Society Conference

Company Description : It includes 205 PDF files related to the presentations given at the 30th Annual Canadian Nuclear Society Conference series.

Organizer : Canadian Nuclear Society

The CNS is dedicated to the exchange of information, both within the nuclear professional and academic community, and with the public, in the field of applied nuclear science and technology. This encompasses all aspects of nuclear energy, uranium, fission and other nuclear technologies such as occupational and environmental protection, medical diagnosis and treatment, the use of radioisotopes, and food preservation.