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The 6th International Conference on e-Government

Academic Conferences - The 6th International Conference on e-Government
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By : Academic Conferences Limited

Date : 2010

Location : South Africa / Cape town

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The proceedings present the latest research and ideas on e-Government. The subjects covered by the papers illustrated the wide range of topics that fall into this important and growing area of research such as the Impact of ICT Literacy and Organizational e-Readiness.

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e-Government, web Portal, Welfare Service Systems, ICT Literacy, proceedings, electronic governance, e-civil,

The 6th International Conference on e-Government (ICEG 2010) hosted at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa. The Conference Chair was Retha de la Harpe and the Programme Chair was Ephias Ruhode, both from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.


he proceedings present the latest research and ideas on e-Government. The subjects covered by the papers illustrated the wide range of topics that fall into this important and growing area of research such as the Impact of ICT Literacy and Organizational e-Readiness

The opening keynote address is given by Roderick Lim Banda, CIO Forum, South Africa and the second day of the conference is opened by Nirvesh Sooful, EOH, South Africa.

ICEG enabled individuals concerned with current research findings and business experiences from the wider community which is now involved in the management and study of e-Government to come together to share knowledge with peers interested in the same issues.

A key aim of the conference was about sharing ideas and meeting the people who hold them. The range of papers ensured an interesting two days.

With an initial submission of 76 abstracts, after the double blind, peer review process there are 27 papers published in these Conference Proceedings. These papers represent research from Australia, Botswana, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Jordan, Macau, Malaysia, Namibia, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Phillipies, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, Turkey, UK and Zimbabwe

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Critical Success Factors of e-Government: A Proposal Model for e-Government Implementation in Kingdom of Bahrain

Reem Al-kaabi


An End-to-End e-Election System Based on Multimodal Identification and Authentication

Charles Ayo, Justine Daramola, Obi Gabriel and Adetokunbo Sofoluwe


Integrating e-Government Services: A Stepwise Ontology-Based Methodology Framework

Jean Vincent Fonou Dombeu and Magda Huisman


Quality and Performance Evaluation of the Sri Lankan e-Government web Portal

Hossein Jahankhani, Navalan Velautham, and Hamid Jahankhani


Managing Innovations in Complex Welfare Service Systems

Harri Jalonen and Pekka Juntunen


Relevance of Ethics in e-Government: An Analysis of Developments in the WWW era

Godwin Kaisara and Shaun Pather


A Comprehensive Approach to Citizen Engagement in e-Democracy

Tobias Kollmann and Ina Kayser


Servicing Participation: Preventing Duplication of e-Government Related Small Business Development Services

Zoran Mitrovic


Institutionalisation, Framing, and Diffusion: The Logic of Openness in eGovernment and Implementation Decisions (a Lesson for Developing Countries).

Bongani Ngwenya, Sam Lubbe and Rembrandt Klopper


Information Security as a Pre-requisite for e-Government Services – Developing the Organizations and the Information Systems

Sofie Pilemalm, Kristoffer Lundholm, Jonas Hallberg,and Louise Yngström


The Impact of ICT Literacy and Organizational e-Readiness :Factors on the Success of Information System Implementation in a State University Setting

Marcelo Salazar


Electronic Governance in the Maldives: Status, Issues and Plans

Mohamed Shareef, Adegboyega Ojo and Tomasz Janowski


Assessing Romania’s Readiness for a Large-Scale e-Government Public Policy

Virgil Stoica and Andrei Ilas


The People Inclusion in the Information Society: New e-Government Strategies Within the “i2010” Initiative in Europe

George Stylios and Dimitris Christodoulakis


Parliament’s Information Systems (IS) User Satisfaction Factors to Enhance its Democratic Functions

Kevin Thompson and Corrie Uys


IT Governance in the Network Society

Johan Van Wamelen


The Use of e-Government to Create Public Value in Developing Countries: Some Conceptual Issues

Khuong Vu


Transformation and Governance in Higher Education: Students’ Participation in Institutional Strategic Planning of the University

Sheila Xakaza-Kumalo


Homomorphic RSA Tallying and Its Randomization for e-Voting

Okan Yücel and Nazife Baykal


PHd Research Paper



Factors Influencing Consumer (Citizen) Adoption of e-Government Services in Saudi Arabia

Osama Almahroqi and Shahadat Khan


Consolidating the Law of Supply and Demand in e-Government Implementation: Case of Botswana 

Kelvin Joseph Bwalya, Mbako Vaka, Tanya Du Plessis and Chris Rensleigh


The e-Government Tools as Democracy Watchdogs: Public e-Procurement in the Czech Republic

Jana Chvalkovská, Katarína Marková and Jiří Skuhrovec


A Comparative Study of e-Civil Participation in Australia and South Korea: -The Case Study of GetUp! in Australia and the 2008 Candlelight Protest in South Korea-

Hye-Jung Kang and Anni Dugdale


Work In Progress



Underground voices: Community articulation of needs through mobile technology in public participation

Laban Bagui and Andy Bytheway


Exploring the Efficacy of Delivery in the Namibian Health Care System (NHCS)

Meke Shivute and Katongo Lukwesa


Non Academic paper



e-Governance: Its Potential as a Catalyst for Political Unrest

Leah Maina


Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on e-Government

Company Description : Includes the procedings and research papers of the 2010 International Conference on E-Goverment as per the description.

Product Type : Academic Proceedings

Author : Ephias Ruhode

PDF 243p

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