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Innovative Water Treatment and Processing Technologies

Business Conference - Innovative Water Treatment and Processing Technologies
Business Conference

By : London Technology Network

Date : 2010

Location : United Kingdom UK / London

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Description :

The event focussed on the challenges currently faced by the water industry, water treatment technologies, sustainable technologies and desalination.

Keywords :

water industry, osmotic process for desalination, water reuse applications, water treatment, sustainable technologies, clean tech, water management, water technology

Keywords inside documents :

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The conference:


  • Highlighted the biggest challenges facing the water industry and offer solutions


  • Examined cutting-edge advances in water and wastewater treatment and processing technologies
  • The event kicked off with an overview from Ian Bernard of British Water highlighting the current fragmented state of the industry and the need for the UK and the rest of the world to work together on its R&D, one potential mechanism being through the formation of a new SB Water Innovation Platform.


  • Adel Sharif of Surrey University then went on to discuss how desalination technologies were the way forward, specifically through techniques such as manipulated osmosis.


  • Veolia Water were represented by Arnaud David who pointed out that there is a real need for the development of low carbon technologies for water treatment companies as they are still behind those available for the wastewater industry.


  • Richard Gueterbock described how Clearfleau were working in the sector on aslightly different level, converting the waste effluents of small companies into energy via anaerobic digestion processes.


  • Eric Mayes of Apaclara gave the final talk of the session arguing that the use of nanotechnology in membrane research and catalysed breakdown of waste products in water may give it the edge over desalination due to the resultant cost benefits.



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18:00 Introduction to the aims and objectives of LTN and the Environmental Technologies

Group Chair: Dr Andy Hebb, Business Development Manager, Environmental Technologies, LTN

18:10 Innovation in the water industry

• A changing water industry
• Need for innovation - Cave Review, Council for Science and Technology Report and Walker Report
• A way forward - Innovation Platform, R&D, Technology Transfer and Eco-Towns Ian Bernard, Technical Manager, British Water

18:25 Exploring novel technologies for the treatment of water

• Addressing the development and application of a novel osmotic process for desalination
• Deploying desalination technologies and reducing energy consumption
• Investigating water reuse applications
• Generating opportunities for collaborative research and partnerships between industry and academia
Adel Sharif, Professor of Desalination and Process Innovation and Director, Centre for Osmosis Research and Applications, University of Surrey

18:40 Identifying sustainable technologies and implementing water treatment schemes

• Understanding the social and environmental impacts of treatment solutions
• Delivering treatment solutions in a Water Safety Plan context
• Monitoring and protecting water resources to avoid contamination
Arnaud David, Water Research Manager, Scientific and Corporate Responsibility Services, Veolia Water UK

18:55 Innovation in industrial waste water treatment
• Opportunities to transform the handling of industrial waste waters
• Inset effluent treatment and on-site renewable energy recovery
• Effluent treatment case studies and commercial opportunities
• Collaboration and innovation – future wastewater solutions
Richard Gueterbock, Director, Clearfleau

19:10 Looking at wastewater treatment using nanotechnology

• Understanding the challenges and providing solutions
• Providing cost-effective, efficient and environmentally sustainable technology for dealing with wastewater
• Examining where we go from here – what does the future hold?
Dr Eric Mayes, Chairman, Apaclara

19:25 Question and answer session from the audience with the speaker panel

Looking at wastewater treatment using nanotechnology

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Innovative Desalination and Water Purification Processes

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Author : Adel Sharif

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Organizer : London Technology Network

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