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Social Media in a Regulated Environment (WEBINAR)

Webinars - Social Media in a Regulated Environment (WEBINAR)

By : Compliance Online

Date : 2011

Location : United States US / Palo Alto

Video 01h 24m
Description :

This FINRA regulation based training will discuss how to create social media policies and implement for compliance and enforcement to avoid fines and disciplinary action for regulated companies. It will also discuss the FINRA Notice 10-06 (issued Jan 2010).

Keywords :

FINRA, Regulated, Action Plan, Social Media Policies, Corporate Education,

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Social Media in a Regulated Environment (for Financial Services)

Product Type : On Demand Webinar

Author : Paul Messerschmidt

Video 01h 24m

Languages : English


Social Networking is considered by FINRA to be "communicating with the public", and as such, subject to rigorous rules, regulations, and procedures, that if not followed can lead to fines and disciplinary action to both the Registered Representative (RR) and their parent Broker-Dealer firm. The seminar will summarize recent FINRA fines, penalties, and suspensions for non-compliant social media activity.

Attend this webinar to learn from Paul Messerschmidt who is active in the financial services community and in the social media community, managing over forty social media accounts, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google-Plus. He will give an overview of Social Media, how to access the Risks, how to protect your brand by creating and implementing action plans, social media policies and implementing it. Attendees will learn about FINRA Notice 10-06 "Guidance on Blogs and Social Networking Web Sites" and FINRA Notice 11-39 “Guidance on Social Networking Websites and Business Communications”. Paul will also review commercially available technology that can be used to meet FINRA requirements including: Hardware, Software, Applications (apps).


Key Topics to be addressed include:

  • Blogs , Instant messaging (IMs) ,Webinars,Short-code text messaging.
  • Communicating with the Public.
  • Categories of Electronic Communication.
  • Record Keeping Issues.
  • Social Networking Web Sites.
  • Appropriate use of third-party content.
  • Supervision.
  • Clarification of FINRA Notice 10-06.
  • Clarification of FINRA Notice 11-39.
  • Clarification of SEC Social Media Guidance.


Who Will Benefit:

  • Advertising Departments
  • Sales and Marketing Staff
  • Compliance Professionals
  • Legal Departments
  • Operations and IT staff
  • Registered Representatives (RRs)
  • Senior Management


Areas Covered in the Seminar:

  • How to Create an Action Plan.
  • How to Establish Social Media Policies.
  • How to Conduct Corporate Education.
  • How to Develop Policies and Procedures for Implementation, Compliance, Enforcement.
  • How to Benchmark against "Best Practices".
  • How to Separate and segregate Personal and Professional Social Networks.



Instructor Profile:


Paul Messerschmidt, has been active in the financial services and risk management community for two decades, and is also active in the social media community, where he manages over forty social media channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Paul is a registered stock and commodity broker (FINRA Series-7 and NFA Series-3).


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Social Media in a Regulated Environment (for Financial Services)

Product Type : On Demand Webinar

Author : Paul Messerschmidt

Video 01h 24m

Languages : English

Organizer : Compliance Online

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