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FDA’s New Food Safety Law

This law has many new things and takes a proactive approach than reactive and has 3 major categories. Improve capacity to prevent food safety problems, detect and respond to food safety problem and improve the safety of imported food.

By : Compliance Online
Product Type : On Demand Webinar
International Terms 2010 Rules

In this Incoterms® 2010 training understand the major revisions of Incoterms, definitions and responsibilities for insurance and the advantages and disadvantages of each term and the cost associated with it.

By : Compliance Online
Product Type : On Demand Webinar
Developing and Implementing an Export Management & Compliance System

Understand the numerous and complex U.S. export laws and regulations. It will offer practical guidance and advice on how to develop, implement, and manage an effective Export Management & Compliance Program (EMCP).

By : Compliance Online
Product Type : On Demand Webinar
Composites Legal Conference proceedings JEC Asia 2010

Proceedings from the Legal Conference (JEC Asia 2010 ) focusing on legal issuesfor the composites industry

By : JEC Composites
Product Type : Business Conference
The 2nd Annual Internet of Things Europe 2010

The conference joined together business leaders, consumer advocates, policy makers and entrepreneurs to explore what opportunities and risks the Internet of Things will offer businesses and consumers, and how these will re-shape our interactions with the real and virtual worlds in the coming years.

By : Forum Europe
Product Type : Business Conference
Gouverner les collectivités territoriales dans la tempête

La réforme territoriale et de la modification de leur source de financement. A laquelle s'ajoute la crise économique pour frapper durement les budgets des départements et accentuer l'angoisse des acteurs locaux

By : Ecole de Paris du Management
Product Type : Conference Summary