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Russian In-House Counsel Summit

Business Conference - Russian In-House Counsel Summit
Business Conference

By : Adam Smith Conferences

Date : 2010

Location : Russia / Moscow

Description :

Conference theme focused on Russian In-house Counsel

Keywords :

Russian in-house councel, legal councel, legal advisory, regulation in Russia, Russian legislation, intelectual property

Associated industries : Legal & Regulatory - Legal & Regulatory -

The conference speakers (key decision makers, legal experts and top level corporate lawyers) highlighted the main challenges of In-house counsel and legal departments in Russia.


The content includes 16 speakers presentations PDF (13 are in Russian and 3 in English).



The speakers pannel included:
  • Roman Pliev, Deputy Head of Legal Department, Federal Antimonopoly Service
  • Sergey Kovalev, Lawyer, Managing Partner, Principium
  • Roman Bolotovsky, Head of Legal Department, Wimm Bill Dann
  • Dmitry Skripichnikov, Head of Working Group on the Legal Mortgage Reform, Ministry of Economic Development
  • Svetlana Ayusheeva, Counsellor, Liniya Prava
  • Dmitry Dyakin, Managing Partner, Magisters, Moscow
  • Yan Piskunov, Member of the Board, Deputy General Director, Director of Legal Affairs, Gazprom Media 
  • Igor Vakhnin, Head of Legal Department, Elvari Neftegaz
  • Maxim Bunyakin, Deputy Director, Department of Corporate Development, Rusnano
  • Valery Sidnev, Head of Legal Department, Mineral and Chemical Company EuroChem
  • Olga Fominich, Director of Legal Department, Coca Cola
  • Dmitry Sitnikov, Head of Legal Department, 36.6 Pharmacy Chain
  • Mikhail Popov, LegalDirector, National Aggregates Company
  • Graham Coop, General Counsel, Energy Charter Secretariat
  • Ekaterina Pustovalova, Regional Director, International Compliance Association
  • Timur Gafurov, Legal Counsel, American Chamber of Commerce
  • Gennady Pampukha, President, European Arbitration Chamber

The content includes 16 speakers presentations (pdf).


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Product Type : Business Conference

Author : Various - Adam Smith Conferences


Languages : English

Organizer : Adam Smith Conferences

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