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JEC Europe 2012 Automotive Forum Proceedings-The solution for a large scale production.

Business Conference - JEC Europe 2012 Automotive Forum Proceedings-The solution for a large scale production.
Business Conference

By : JEC Composites

Date : 2012

Location : France / Paris

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Description :

Proceedings from the Automotive Forum (JEC Europe 2012) focus on the solution for a large scale production with composite vehicles.

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If you missed the last JEC Europe 2012 in Paris here is the opportunity to purchase the proceedings of the Automotive Forum in pdf format.  


Key Focus


  • Future materials on the way to large scale production
  • Eco-friendly, safety, lightweight & fuel saving
  • Process technologies in manufacturing & repairing of composites materials


Automotive (Composite materials: The solution for a large scale production)


  • Future materials on the way to large scale production
  • Eco-friendly, safety, lightweight & fuel saving
  • Process technologies in manufacturing & repairing of composites materials


The automotive industry like any other transportation industry is looking at ways to reduce weight and the raw material consumption, carbon footprint, petrol consumption, and to obtain longer range mostly for electrical vehicles. One way among different possibilities is to use more and more composite materials. However, the current available technologies linked to composite materials do not allow their use in automotive large series. Raw material cost is not only the biggest problem that has to be overcome. Cycle time, life cycle management, development & validation know-how, repairing and world-wide availability are also key points that have to be taken into account. The forum presents the new technologies developed to face a large scale production for composite parts with costs, Life Cycle Assessment, repairing comparable to metal and/or plastic injected parts.


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Composite materials: The solution for a large scale production:


Gérard Liraut, Head of Materials Engineering


Future materials on the way to large scale production


1 - Composite materials: A bright future in automotive industry


PSA Peugeot Citroën

Louis David, Materials Senior Expert & Head of Materials for Vehicle 
Gérard Liraut, Head of Materials Engineering
  • New processes for large scale automotive production
  • Mechanical performance & process modeling
  • Multi-material assemblies


Eco-friendly, safety, lightweight & fuel saving


2 - Towards more eco-friendly automotive composites


Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Jan-Anders Manson, Head of Laboratory of Polymer and Composite Technology (LTC)
  • The future of composites in automotive is based around efficient Life-Cycle Management
  • Environmentally driven changes are unlikely to be implemented unless they are consistent with commercial needs
  • Increased understanding of the merits and limitations of composites materials is needed to provide clearer recommendations

3 - FRP in modern multi-material cars: Challenges and methods to develop a cost efficient lightweight design


Audi AG

Nico Feindler, CAE Engineer, Audi Lightweight Design Center
  • Potential and chances of FRP in multi-material cars
  • Challenge for the use of FRP in the automotive process
  • Numerical methods for the analysis and dimensioning of composite structures
  • Improvement crash performance of throughthickness reinforced composite parts

4 - BMW Case study: SGL Automotive carbon fibers - Lightweight competence


SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers GmbH & Co. KG, BMW Group

Joerg Pohlman, Managing Director
  • Reasons for a partnership between a car manufacturer and a carbon fiber/composites manufacturer
  • Overview on latest activities of “SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers”
  • Impact on the carbon fiber/composites and automotive industry
  • First results of the partnership between SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers and BMW Group - BMW i3 and BMW i8


Process technologies in manufacturing & repairing of composites materials


5 - Construction and design of a convertible car windscreen frame with CFR braiding technology


Institute of Carbon Composites, LCC

Klaus Drechsler, Head of the Institute of Carbon Composites
Andreas Kollmannsberger, Research Associate
  • Braiding, a efficient and reproducible preform concept for series production
  • Core design for braiding process
  • Braiding of concave sections
  • Structural calculation for roof crush

6 - Aventador repair strategy


Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.

Luciano De Oto, Head of Advanced Composite Research Center
  • A revolution in the automotive composite repair
  • How the aeronautical approach is customized to automotive needings
JEC Europe 2012 Automotive Forum Proceedings

Product Type : Business Conference

Author : JEC Composites

PDF 115p

Languages : English

Organizer : JEC Composites

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