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EuropaCorp : a Hollywood studio à la française ?

Seminar / Training - EuropaCorp : a Hollywood studio à la française ?
Seminar / Training

By : Ecole de Paris du Management

Date : 2007

Location : France / Paris

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Description :

Seminar focused on EuropaCorp : a Hollywood studio à la française ?

Keywords :

production studio, hollywood, movie production, French cinema

Keywords inside documents :

films ,paris ,europacorp ,production ,france ,management ,gaumont ,distribution ,french ,company ,cinéma ,cinema ,director ,monde ,people ,script ,projets ,école ,american ,millions

Is EuropaCorp a French-style Hollywood studio ? EuropaCorp's managing director, Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, disagrees and tries to show that this is not the case.


Le Pogam wants to create a European alternative which breaks the monopoly of American studios, an alternative which respects diverse talents and which can be exported anywhere in the world. Europacorp protects its artistic freedom and independence due to careful cost management methods which have not been questioned since it was created six years ago by Le Pogam and the film maker Luc Besson.


The company produces ten films a year and has had many box-office successes. Despite being active in all areas of film and cinema ranging from production to distribution, Europacorp has chosen a small organisational structure as its model. Rapid decision-making, English-language films, comprehensive management of the system of production and sound operations subcontracted outside the company have all helped to contribute to Europacorp's success. The company has made a profit every year since it was created and is soon to be listed on the stock exchange.


About the speaker:

Pierre-Ange LE POGAM


He began as an assistant director and was later the director of the 'La Clef' cinema in December 1975. He managed the distribution company 'Les Films Molière' from January 1976 to January 1981. In February 1981, he was in charge of cinema programming at Gaumont. He was made director of the distribution of film purchases and marketing director at Gaumont in February 1995. At the end of 1992, he created Gaumont Buena Visa International (Disney). He was managing director of the leading French distributor from 1993 to 1996, and in 1997 he was deputy managing director at Gaumont, in charge of all film activity worldwide. In September 2000, he created EuropaCorp.

Presentation from Pierre-Ange LE POGAM followed by Q&A session.


The document is a report of the speaker presentation and the Q&A Session.


Compte-rendu du séminaire "EuropaCorp, studio hollywoodien à la française ?"

Company Description : Le rapport inclut un compte-rendu de l'intervention ainsi qu’une session de Questions/Réponses. French Version

Product Type : Conference Summary

Author : Élisa RÉVAH

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Languages : French

Report from "EuropaCorp : a Hollywood studio à la française ?" Seminar

Company Description : The document is a report of the speaker presentation and the Q&A Session.English version

Product Type : Conference Summary

Author : written by Élisa RÉVAH and translated by Rachel MARLIN

PDF 11p

Languages : English

Organizer : Ecole de Paris du Management

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