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The Millau viaduct : Larzac's Eiffel tower

Seminar / Training - The Millau viaduct : Larzac's Eiffel tower
Seminar / Training

By : Ecole de Paris du Management

Date : 2006

Location : France / Paris

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Description :

Conference theme was the construction of the Millau viaduct and the consequences of its construction in the region economy.

Keywords :

Millau Viaduct, infrastructure development, region regeneration, large construction projects.

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The architectural elegance of the Millau viaduct, silhouetted against the sky at a height of more than three hundred metres is in keeping with its human, technical and financial success. However, the project had its fair share of opponents and doubters and involved making speculative choices. Jacques Godfrain, the mayor of Millau and MP (Member of Parliament) for the Aveyron département, who was involved in this project from the very beginning, talks about this venture as would an enthusiastic storyteller.


In the space of a year, the viaduct has already greatly renewed the life of the region : the tremendous traffic jams have disappeared ; tourists now flock to the area in droves ; factories which had moved have returned to the area ; and even the number of births has increased ! However, these days it is important not to rest on our laurels. As mayor and an MP, and in an attempt to publicise this most recent asset, Jacques Godfrain explains how he finds inspiration for new ideas, steering a path between good fortune, clear vision, dreams and reality, and how he brings these ideas to life. The ideas include twinning Millau with a Spanish port town, creating an exhibition comparing Millau with the Suez Canal, and the construction of a theatre.

About the speaker:

After studying economics he made his career in the air transport sector, occupying various managerial positions. He has been an MP for the Aveyron département since 1978 ; mayor of Millau since 1991 ; he was Minister for Cooperation between 1995 and 1997 ; secretary for the foreign affairs commission ; member of the supervisory board for the French development agency (Agence française de développement) ; and president of the France-Gabon friendship alliance group. He lists one of his successes as having facilitated the construction of the Millau viaduct. His future project will be to inaugurate a new theatre in Millau and to develop a taste for culture there.


Presentation from Jacques GODFRAIN followed by Q&A session.


The document is a report of the speaker presentation and the Q&A Session.


Compte-rendu du séminaire "Le viaduc de Millau, tour Eiffel du Larzac"

Company Description : Le rapport inclut un compte-rendu de l'intervention ainsi qu’une session de Questions/Réponses. (9 pages)

Product Type : Conference Summary


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Report of "The Millau viaduct : Larzac's Eiffel tower" Seminar

Company Description : The document is a report of the speaker presentation and the Q&A Session. (9 pages). English version.

Product Type : Conference Summary

Author : Written by Loïc VIEILLARD-BARON and translated by Rachel MARLI

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Languages : English

Organizer : Ecole de Paris du Management

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