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Realtime 3D in Game Engines: Rendering, Animation & Interaction
Computer Games, Multimedia and Allied Technology (CGAT 2009)

The conference strived to shed light on the inherent sociological and design differences between the East and the West while exploring the challenges faced by the Asian Gaming industry.

By : Edmond Prakash, Jonathan Rushworth, Baihua Li, James Miller, Mik
Product Type : Academic Conferences
Fuel Cells Enabling Applications
Small Fuel Cells 2011

In its 13th year, the main focus was "Fuel Cells & Hybrid Devices for Commercial & Military Applications". It is the primary source of information for end-users, developers and manufacturers of portable fuel cell powered devices.

By : David Nicolas, Adaptive Materials
Product Type : Business Conference
JEC Eco Advantage Composite Forum Proceedings: Green opportunities with thermoplastic composites

Proceedings from Eco Advantage Composite Forum (JEC Europe 2012) focusing on Green opportunities with thermoplastic composites.

By : JEC Composites
Product Type : Business Conference
Panel Discussion The Way Forward First Responders Perspective and Requirements for State of the Art in Detection Technologies
16th Biodetection Technologies Conference

BIODETECTION TECHNOLOGIES 2010 focuses on detection & identification of biological threats. The documentation and webcast explore the latest R&D developments and commercialization efforts in the cutting-edge fields of biodefense related technologies.

By : Knowledge Foundation
Product Type : Business Conference
Using TV White Space for Femtocell Aided Future Mobile Network
Green Information Technology (Green IT 2010)

The conference focused on the ways companies are using technology to save energy and reduce costs and how using Environmental Strategy to innovate, create value, and build competitive advantage are part of the solutions for growth.

By : Various
Product Type : Academic Conferences

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2016 ACFE European Fraud Conference

The programme will feature speakers with a wide variety of expertise in international fraud prevention, deterrence and detection. These experienced practitioners will lead you through interactive sessions while sharing real-world examples.

By : Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

20 Mar, 2016 - 22 Mar, 2016
Belgium / Brussels
Genome Editing Applications

Therapeutic and biomedical applications of CRISPRs, ZFNs, TALENs and other genome ediiting technologies

By : evvnt

2 Dec, 2015 - 3 Dec, 2015
Belgium / Brussels
Cell Therapy Manufacturing and Gene Therapy Congress

Discover the Latest Technical, Manufacturing and Commercial Strategies Driving the Cell and Gene Therapy Revolution.

By : evvnt

2 Dec, 2015 - 3 Dec, 2015
Belgium / Brussels