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Enhancing Vocational Learners’ Skills in Applying Office Applications - A review of the liter...
Computer Science Education: Innovation & Technology (CSEIT 2010)

The conference focus on the change and progress in computer education. As computing evolves, so does Computer Science as a discipline.

By : Sanit Haruehansawasin, Ph.D. Candidate, Learning Innovation and
Product Type : Academic Conferences
Cloud Computing and Virtualization: The “Entrepreneur without Borders” Workbench for 21st Centur
Proceedings from the Journal on Computing (JoC) Vol.1 August 2010

These articles are the end result of scholars’ tremendous effort and creativeness in exploring the theory, application, and social implications of diverse frontier research areas in science and technology.

By : Various
Product Type : Academic Conferences
Integrated Lab On A Chip A Combined Sample Prep and PCR System
16th Biodetection Technologies Conference

BIODETECTION TECHNOLOGIES 2010 focuses on detection & identification of biological threats. The documentation and webcast explore the latest R&D developments and commercialization efforts in the cutting-edge fields of biodefense related technologies.

By : Claudia Gartner
Product Type : Business Conference
The 9th European Conference on E-learning

The proceedings present the latest research and ideas on the use of e-Learning applications. The subjects covered by the papers illustrated the wide range of topics that fall into this important and growing area of research such as the perspectives of Online Education and the Vocational eLearning.

By : Academic Conferences Limited
Product Type : Academic Proceedings
If you use OCR technology correctly it can be a very powerful tool - how to use OCR to meet...
Attaining F&A shared Services Process Excellence

The Conference focused on how transform your finance operations to better meet your organisation's strategic goals and how tighten your process controls to comply with internal governance and external regulations and gain clearer visibility.

By : Various
Product Type : Business Conference

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Advanced Fuel for Sustainable Mobility

The 2nd Conference on „Advanced Fuels for Sustainable Mobility” brings the interacting worlds of fuels and engine technologie into focus, reviewing the state of the art, discussing new technologies, and highlighting emerging strategies.

By : FEV GmbH

9 Nov, 2016 - 10 Nov, 2016
Germany / Aachen
Diesel Powertrains 3.0

The development of highly efficient and clean powertrains for automotive applications to ensure environmentally friendly and affordable mobility is a mandatory prerequisite for future market success.

By : FEV GmbH

14 Jun, 2016 - 15 Jun, 2016
Germany / Leipzig
10th International Congress on Autoimmunity

Autoimmunity 2016, taking place in the dynamic city of Leipzig, Germany, is the only congress where you can engage with more than 80 autoimmune diseases from both research and clinical perspectives.

By : evvnt

6 Apr, 2016 - 10 Apr, 2016
Germany / Leipzig