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Compte-rendu du séminaire "Quand l'entreprise façonne la société"
How a company changes society

Seminar was about the companies that endle change inspite of general opinion. The managers of these companies are only too aware of the fragility of their companies' success. Being a marking company means that one has to reinvent oneself all the time.

By : Sylvie CHEVRIER
Product Type : Conference Summary
Social Capital Factors for Knowledge Sharing and Safeguarding in Learning Alliances
Business Strategy and Organizational Behaviour (BizStrategy 2011)

BizStrategy provided opportunities for academics, researchers, experienced professionals and business people to share their research findings in this area.

By : Martin Spraggon & Virginia Bodolica,
Product Type : Academic Conferences
Compte-Rendu du séminaire "En quête de la voie en Chine"
Searching for the way in China

The testimony of a French business unit manager working as an expatriate for Danone in China, focusing on achieving results and keeping his teams together in a different culture.

By : Pascal LEFEBVRE
Product Type : Conference Summary
Compte-rendu du séminaire "Faut-il craindre les champions des pays émergents ?"
Who's afraid of companies from emerging countries ?

Seminar subject was the arrival of companies from emerging countries on the global market. The emergence of these new 'champions' is inevitable in the medium term, and today we are experiencing a transitional period which requires OECD companies to reconsider the current situation.

By : Élisabeth BOURGUINAT
Product Type : Conference Summary
En quête d'entreprises jouant la liberté et le partage du rêve

Imaginons des entreprises performantes où les patrons, au lieu de dire aux salariés comment faire leur travail, se préoccuperaient du pourquoi ceux-ci travaillent, et s’attacheraient à forger un rêve et à le partager avec leurs salariés en leur laissant une grande capacité d’initiative.

By : Ecole de Paris du Management
Product Type : Conference Summary

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4th Global Drucker Forum

At the core of the agenda of the 2012 Drucker Forum lie key questions about the future of capitalism: How can the weaknesses of the system be repaired without crushing the innovative energies of free enterprise and competitive markets? And what is the role of managers in this transformation?

By : Peter Drucker Society Europe

15 Nov, 2012 - 16 Nov, 2012
Austria / Vienna
How Digital is Transforming the Role of IT

This seminar and workshop gives you a unique insight into the new forces at play in a digital-first world


1 Dec, 2016 - 2 Dec, 2016
United Kingdom UK / London
Mastering the Requirements Process

This workshop presents a complete process for uncovering the real requirements


15 Nov, 2016 - 17 Nov, 2016
United Kingdom UK / London