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The Morning After the Day Before – 10 Key Take Aways from Day One
The Accounts Payable Automation Summit

The conference focused on the critical success factors of Accounts Payable automation and the key considerations that will hinder or drive success.

By : Susie West
Product Type : Business Conference
Report of "The Veolia Campuses : a training vision which has become reality"
The Veolia Campuses : a training vision which has become reality

To make its core business more attractive and improve practices, Veolia initiated an in-house training programme with the aim of awarding officially recognised degrees. The seminar discusses the programme and the process to implement it internationally within a diversity of educational systems.

By : Hilaire de CHERGÉ
Product Type : Conference Summary
All Documentation from: Attaining F&A shared services process excellence: Proceedings
Attaining F&A shared Services Process Excellence

The Conference focused on how transform your finance operations to better meet your organisation's strategic goals and how tighten your process controls to comply with internal governance and external regulations and gain clearer visibility.

By : Various
Product Type : Business Conference
Le miracle de l'animation française

Le sujet du séminaire était le dévelopement du secteur de l'animation en France. ll y a vingt-cinq ans, la production française de dessins animés n'existait pas. Après la télévision, les producteurs français s'attaquent maintenant au long métrage d'animation, non sans difficultés.

By : Ecole de Paris du Management
Product Type : Conference Summary
Report from "Subtle changes in the boardroom" Seminar
Subtle changes in the boardroom

Seminar subject was changes in the boardroom. What is the new function of these boards and what are the consequences of this change in the governance of companies, and, in the near future, the governance of mutual insurance companies, and even co-operatives and associations ?

By : written by Jean BÉHUE GUETTEVILLE and translated by Rachel MAR
Product Type : Conference Summary

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Private Equity 2013, The Yale Club New York

16 Entrepreneurs and 150+ investors are expected to attend Private Equity 2013: National Angel-VC Summit and Capital Investment Forum on May 2 in the Grand Ballroom of The Yale Club New York.

By : Starlight Capital, Inc.

2 May, 2013 - 2 May, 2013
New York / New York
4th Global Drucker Forum

At the core of the agenda of the 2012 Drucker Forum lie key questions about the future of capitalism: How can the weaknesses of the system be repaired without crushing the innovative energies of free enterprise and competitive markets? And what is the role of managers in this transformation?

By : Peter Drucker Society Europe

15 Nov, 2012 - 16 Nov, 2012
Austria / Vienna
How Digital is Transforming the Role of IT

This seminar and workshop gives you a unique insight into the new forces at play in a digital-first world


1 Dec, 2016 - 2 Dec, 2016
United Kingdom UK / London