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ICUE 2016 International Conference and Utility Exhibition on Cogeneration, Small Power Plants and District Energy (ICUE 2016)

Academic Conferences - ICUE 2016 International Conference and Utility Exhibition on Cogeneration, Small Power Plants and District Energy (ICUE 2016)

Academic Conferences

Begin date : 9/14/2016

End date : 9/16/2016

Location : Thailand / Bangkok

By : Asian Institute of Technology

Venue : BITEC, Bang-Na

Event Subject :

A venue to exchange ideas,experiences,technical,social,financial,econ. &policy issues in the Cogeneration, Small Power Plants & District Energy systems. Platform for Energy professionals,policy researchers,academe,engineers,etc., to report findings, innovations&transformative emerging technologies.

Keywords :
Cogeneration Small Power Plants Distributed Power Generation Electrical Power Generation Demand Side Management District Energy
Event/Product information The 2016 International Conference on Co-generation, Small power plants and District Energy (ICUE 2016) on 14-16 September 2016 in Bangkok City, Thailand will be a venue to exchange research ideas, experiences, technical, social, financial, economic and policy issues covering advances in the Cogeneration (CHP), Small Power Plants (SPPs) and District Energy systems. Here, energy professionals, policy makers, researchers, members of the academe, engineers, members of the energy supply sector, etc., will have a platform to showcase research findings, technological innovations, trans formative emerging technologies, and even to discuss burning global, regional and national issues in energy utilization for development of environment policies and programs.

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Files: Event brochure, conference program, call for papers, abstracts etc.
Program/Content Call For Papers: Each of these topic areas is expanded below but the sub-topics list is not exhaustive. Papers may address one or more of the listed sub-topics, although authors should not feel limitedby them. Unlisted but related sub-topics are also acceptable: Cogeneration (CHP) •Cogeneration and Trigeneration Systems •Technologies and Systems for CHP Production •Micro-CHP and Fuel Cells •CHP- Efficiency & Resiliency •Carbon Dioxide Capture •Waste heat energy production and development of ORC technology •Combustion, Boiler Systems & Technologies •Emerging Technologies & Market implications •Heat-Driven Cooling, Chilled Water Storage & Ancillary Equipment •Sustainable CHP: Biomass, Landfill Gas, solar and Low Carbon Options •CHP Project Development, Financing and Risk Management Strategies •Policy Outlook, Regulation & Legislation – opportunities and challenges Small Power Plants (SPPs) •Small island grids, micro grids & rural electrification •Smart grid technologies, communications networks and case studies •Transmission, distribution and automation technologies •Demand-side management and distribution performance improvement •Electricity infrastructure development •Energy-aware systems and technologies •Issues and challenges for private sector investment •Meter data management and smart metering •Power plant automation, control systems, management and optimization •Power system planning, operation and maintenance •Regulatory aspects and market operations •Renewable energy and grid integrations •Ultra high voltage transmission and energy storage District Energy •Development trends in district energy deployment •Integrating district energy/CHP with renewables for a smarter grid •Sustainability, energy mapping and climate action plans •Building efficiency, LEED & impact on central utilities •Micro grids and leveraging urban utility infrastructure •Planning tools for community energy development •Public/private partnership funding strategies for urban energy infrastructure •Renewable energy and fuel flexible solution •Master planning, system expansion & infrastructure renewal •Electrical systems renewal, reliability and safety •Thermal networks: steam to hot water conversion •District cooling, thermal energy storage and turbine inlet cooling •Managing loads, system optimization & efficiency
About the organizer

Organizer : Asian Institute of Technology

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