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Proceedings of 26th Annual Canadian Nuclear Society Conference

The proceedings focus on the fields of applied nuclear science and technology such as Nuclear Operations, Risk Assessment, Control Room Operations, Safety, Plant Refurbishment, Education and Communication Materials Performance.

By : Canadian Nuclear Society
Product Type : Academic Conferences
Nuclear power Safety 2011

Focuses on Advances Technologies, Materials, & Engineering Approaches for Safe & Efficient Nuclear Power.

By : Knowledge Foundation
Product Type : Business Conference
Proceedings from the 21st Annual Conference Canadian Nuclear Society

The 21st Annual Conference of the Canadian Nuclear Society focuses on all aspects and applications of energy from the atom. The central objective is to provide a forum for exchange of views on how this technical enterprise can best serve the needs of humanity, now and in the future.

By : Canadian Nuclear Society
Product Type : Academic Conferences
The 14th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermalhydraulics

NURETH-14 gathered industry researchers and practitioners engaged in engineering and scientific work focused on nuclear reactor thermalhydraulics. This was the only major conference series devoted solely to the advancement of knowledge in the nuclear reactor thermalhydraulics field.

By : Canadian Nuclear Society
Product Type : Business Conference
Proceeding from the 2nd Canadian Workshop on Engineering structural integrity

The second Canadian Workshop on Engineering Structural Integrity focused on several topcis such as experimental measurements and online monitoring; manufacturing and material procurement; probabilistic risk assessment and reliability; stress analysis and residual stresses; and structural integrity.

By : Canadian Nuclear Society
Product Type : Academic Conferences

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ICUE 2016 International Conference and Utility Exhibition on Cogeneration, Small Power Plants and District Energy (ICUE 2016)

A venue to exchange ideas,experiences,technical,social,financial,econ. &policy issues in the Cogeneration, Small Power Plants & District Energy systems. Platform for Energy professionals,policy researchers,academe,engineers,etc., to report findings, innovations&transformative emerging technologies.

By : Asian Institute of Technology

14 Sep, 2016 - 16 Sep, 2016
Thailand / Bangkok
The Energy Summit 2015

The Energy summit will gather 150+ senior representatives from the supermajors, the smaller independents & national oil companies with executives in the power, utility and renewable sectors; together with policymakers, economists & academics to discuss and debate the future of the energy business.

By : Economist Conferences

4 Nov, 2015 - 5 Nov, 2015
United Kingdom UK / London
Nuclear Power Plant Life Management & Extension

Nuclear Power Plant Life Management & Extension 2015 will address the key issues faced by the industry associated with NPP’s life management and extension: age management programs and techniques, implementation of environmental standards, I & C systems and avoidance strategies for force shutdown.

By : ACI Europe

4 Nov, 2015 - 5 Nov, 2015
France / Paris