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HSE Risk Management and Process Safety in Oil & Gas

 - HSE Risk Management and Process Safety in Oil & Gas

Begin date : 2/24/2009

End date : 2/25/2009

Location : United Kingdom UK / Aberdeen


Venue : n/d

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The combined issues of ageing assets, the lowering oil price and the dangers that are already inherent in your processes mean that HSE, Risk Management and Process Safety remains at the very top of everyone’s agenda. Efficient maintenance and management of your safety systems will have a positive effect on your bottom line, your company’s reputation and the day to day safety of your workforce. With 18 information packed sessions, this conference will provide you with the strategies to create a truly resilient safety system.

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Our exceptional co-chairs Lisabeth Froemling, Global Q/HSE Manager, Maersk and Prof. Dr. Christian Jochum Director, European Process Safety Centre will guide you through two days and 17 sessions worth of information that you can take back to your office and use now.

Return to your company with the ability to:

  • Keep standards consistent with effective process management
  • Get people at every level ‘bought in’ through injections of the process safety culture
  • Benchmark methods of hydrocarbon containment with others in your industry
  • Manage and maintain your safety processes by learning from industry leaders
  • Maximise safety in an efficient manner by assessment of your maintenance systems
  • Assess the impact of asset integrity projects on the existing maintenance systems
  • Achieve consistency between your assets
  • Audit your safety processes and expand your knowledge on:
    • The monitoring of existing practices
    • Putting corrective actions into place and following through
    • Achieving consistency throughout the safety cycle
    • Identification of areas to improve by measuring your results and trending them

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Conference Day One: 24th February

08:30 Registration

09:00 Chairman’s Opening

Christian Jochum
European Process Safety Centre

09:10 Go Beyond Knowing It To Living It: Improve Employee Vigilance By Embedding Process Safety Culture In Your Organisation

  • Achieve successful implementation of processes and procedures through acceptance at all levels of your organisation
  • Achieve a top down approach within your process safety system
  • Motivate work workforce by understanding your employees as a resource rather than weak points
  • Achieve full incorporation of process safety ideals by learning from the strategies employed by leading organisations

Christian Jochum
European Process Safety Centre

09:50 Create A Fully Integrated Safety System By Breaking The Silos Between Occupational, Behavioural And Process Safety

  • Achieve an efficient HSE system by effectively linking the issues of personal safety, plant and equipment safety
  • Optimise your working practices by implementing integrated process techniques to break down departmental barriers

Martin Carter
Head of Engineering Governance

10:30 Morning Coffee And Networking Break

10:55 Panel Discussion: Alarm Management A Key Element Of Process Safety Management?

Efficiently run alarm management systems can be beneficial to safety systems. This discussion will assess its criticality to your process safety system, questions to be addressed will include:

  • What is alarm management and a background to process alarm management issues?
  • What are the possible contributions to process safety management?
  • What guidance is in their in this area, specifically how should I apply the EEMUA 191?
  • What is the legislator's perspective?

Simon Babb
Systems and E&I Team Leader

Osama Ali
Integrity Engineer

Rob Turner
Principal Consultant

11:40 Case Study: Drive The Adoption Of Safety Policies In Your Business Effectively Through The Employment Of Robust Process Implementation Strategies

  • Ensure changes in your process doesn’t disrupt your system by executing a clear change management strategy
  • Understand the implications of managing the implementation of process safety issues on a multi-site facility
  • Establish a stable structure to your systems by implementing sufficient supporting mechanisms

Bernhard Eigenhuis
Process Safety Lead

12:20 Lunch And Networking Break

13:20 Preventing Damage/injuries And Reducing Costs For Hazardous Chemical Handling - CHESS – Bureau Veritas’ Web-Enabled Chemical Management System

  • Improve compilation, presentation and distribution of key chemical handling information
  • Ensure efficient distribution of HSE data sheets to employees and customers through Web application
  • Action card module enabling communication of essential information for emergency situations to chemical users, fire-fighters and first aid personnel

Neil Smith
UK Operations Manager Health, Safety and Environmental Services

14:00 Achieve A System That Integrates Safety And Environmental Issues

  • Know how and when to share cross-function knowledge in a constructive manner by enhancing communication between the sectors
  • Tackle the problems that thwart the communication of information by identifying them
  • Identify the reasons for a lack cohesion between S, H and E by understanding that the three elements may not be completely in phase

Dr. Frank Crawley
Professor of Chemical Processes
Strathclyde University

14:40 Build A More Resilient Emergency Management System By Learning From Accidents In The Petrochemical And Construction Industries

  • Assess the key aspects of a major incident in another industry through effective knowledge transfer
  • Consider the response to the incident and its effectiveness
  • Apply the fundamental lessons to your organisations particular processes

Gert-Jan Windhorst
HSE/Q Manager
Noble Drilling

15:20 Afternoon Tea And Networking Break

15:50 Ensure That Procedures Are Carried Out Correctly By Enhancing Your Understanding Of Their Practical Application

  • Gain an insight into the specific issues regarding the implementation of safety processes by hearing from an offshore installation manager
  • Realise the implications of the lack of an implementation strategy for the offshore personnel and their use of the permit to work system
  • Ensure your process safety culture is supported right down at the ‘coal face’ by understanding offshore personnel’s motivations

Mick McNally
Offshore Installation Manager
Nexen Inc

16:30 Learn From A Leader In The Nuclear Sector In The Application Of A Learning Model To Improve HSE Performance

  • Achieve accident resilience within your organisation by hearing from a leading nuclear organisation and their effective implementation of process safety techniques
  • Ensure your processes are effectively monitored through KPI’s and how benchmarking can be used to focus improvements
  • Hear how an integrated management approach linked through a multilayer and multi site assurance process can improve HSE performance

Andrew Easterbrook
Head of Regulatory Compliance and Performance

17:10 Chairman’s Closing And End Of Day One


Conference Day Two: 25th February

08:30 Registration

09:00 Chairman’s Opening

Lisabeth Froemling
Global QHSE Manager

09:10 Increase The Resilience Of Your Safety Systems Through Effective Implementation Of HAZOP

  • Hear practical applications of the HAZOP system to high-tech plant scenarios presented by a member of the Baker Panel
  • Ensure that all aspects of your operation are covered by implementing HAZOP at all stages of the safety cycle

Nancy Leveson
Member of the Baker Panel for Texas City and Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics

09:50 Identify Major Accident Hazards And Keep Your Hydrocarbons Successfully Contained By Utilising Your Operational Knowledge

  • Explore the most effective methods of hazard identification
  • Implement the hazard identification process at each stage of your process safety system
  • Benefit from worked examples of application in continual processes to provide you with the tools to implement the methods into your systems

Ian Herbert
Business Manager
ABB Engineering Services

10:30 Morning Coffee And Networking Break

11:00 Permit to work system integrated with risk assessment and isolation management as a single safe system of work

  • Case study of a permit to work implementation
  • Analyze and monitor company performance using a dashboard system
  • Steps towards a fully Integrated operational safety environment
Ronald Pijtak
HSE/Q Manager
Venture Production
Neil Currie
Product Manager
eVision Industry Software

11:40 Learn From The Lessons Of The Past

  • Don’t let the past’s mistakes repeat themselves
  • Learn from industry disasters in a bid to curtail future incidents
  • Achieve the “zero-incident” goal by going beyond knowing to understanding the lessons from previous incidents

Magne Ognedal
Director General
Petroleum Safety Authority

12:20 Understanding And Managing Risk – What Does It Take. A Tool For Risk Assessment

  • Assess the risks that are involved in your processes
  • Create effective barriers by truly understanding the risks that you face
  • Implement the knowledge learned in order to manage the different elements of the risks

Roald Gunnar Riise
Vice President HSE

13:00 Lunch And Networking Break

14:00 Achieving Ultimate Efficiency In Your Process Safety System Through Effective Process Management

  • Effectively streamline your systems across your global network by implementing this management tool
  • Sustain process efficiency whilst maintaining high levels of safety through the assessment of key working practices
  • Reduce the impact of major accident hazards in a multifaceted organisation through adequate supervision of the processes

Lisabeth Froemling
Global Q/HSE Manager

14:40 Effectively monitor your progress towards a wholly safe system through the implementation of performance indicators

  • Understand how best to manage your system by measuring your performance through the use of metrics
  • Speed up your analysis by quantifying your risks and monitoring systems centrally
  • Hear practical examples of leading and lagging metrics that will help you to implement performance indicators effectively in your company

Mark McGowan
HSE Manager

15:20 Afternoon Tea And Networking Break

15:40 Ensure Understanding Of Technical Safety Data At All Levels Of Your Organisation By Humanising Your Existing Tools

  • Hear how OMV have revolutionised their risk profiling tools with an award winning system
  • Ensure that the technical aspects of cumulative risk assessment are understood at al levels through pictorial representation
  • OMV will give a report on their findings since implementing this system and present their view for the future

Ken Brown
HSE Manager

16:20 You’ve Heard The Theory And Seen The Examples; Now Get Tailored Advice For Your Systems In Our Process Safety Clinic

The conference room will be split into three distinct sections for the final session of the day. The speakers who presented the past three topics will be available to delve deeper into their topics by conducting an in-depth ‘question and answer’ session with the delegates

  • Apply the techniques covered to your systems by asking the experts for their opinion
  • Get tailored advice on your burning issues
Lisabeth Froemling
Global Q/HSE Manager
Mark McGowan
HSE Manager
Ken Brown
HSE Manager

17:15 Chairman’s Closing And End Of Conference

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