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Next Generation Biofuels Markets

Green Power's 4th next generation biofuels event will bring together key players who are pioneering the development of next generation biofuels to address the latest developments in creating cost competitive, industrial scale production of next generation biofuels technologies.

By : Green Power conferences

5 Oct, 2008 - 6 Oct, 2008
Netherlands / Amsterdam
The Ethical Sourcing Forum Europe 2008

The Ethical Sourcing Forum (ESF) is an action oriented continuous learning industry initiative, open to those willing to play an active role in the development and successful implementationof sustainable social and environmental supply chain practices. You will participate in compelling mini-training forums and interactive workshops that test your creativity and ability to think outside the box.

By : Intertek

2 Oct, 2008 - 2 Oct, 2008
France / Paris
Suistainable Cities & Communities

The inaugural Sustainable Cities and Communities conference organised by Green Power Conferences in cooperation with WWF's One Planet Living will focus on the practical challenges and opportunities cities and communities will face in order to tackle rising greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and congestion.

By : Green Power conferences

30 Sep, 2008 - 1 Oct, 2008
Switzerland / Generva
Carbon Markets India

The second annual Carbon Markets India will provide an excellent platform for representatives from Indian industry to learn about CDM business opportunities and do business with buyers of Certified Emissions Reductions (CER’s).

By : Green Power conferences

28 Sep, 2008 - 29 Sep, 2008
India / Mumbai
Corporate Climate Response - Chicago

How can you cut your company's climate impact and become more sustainable? This is the central question to be answered at this 8th international climate change strategy event. Corporate Climate Response will provide the latest updates on how business is responding to global warming and preparing for a carbon and resource-constrained world.

By : Green Power conferences

22 Sep, 2008 - 23 Sep, 2008
United States US / Chicago, IL
Biofuels Markets East Africa

Utilising agricultural capacity to produce sustainable biofuels Utilising African capacity to produce sustainable biofuels The inaugural Biofuels Markets East Africa will bring together key players from the region - with particular focus on Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi and Madagascar - with global industry experts. Biofuels Markets East Africa Conference & Exhibition This exciting new event will have a case study led agenda of presentations, panels and Q&A, reviewing the current status of the Biofuels market in this region and addressing the expanding opportunities for the production of feedstock and Biofuels for both use in Africa and for export. The event will be preceded by a one day masterclass on Jatropha.

By : Green Power conferences

16 Sep, 2008 - 17 Sep, 2008
Tanzania / Tanzania
Carbon Markets USA

The American carbon market occupies a unique position. Whilst there is a lot of activity at regional and state level, there is as of yet no federal legislation providing a clear, comprehensive framework. However as the presidential election cycle gathers pace throughout 2008, it is becoming increasingly apparent that a domestic climate plan involving a carbon market will come into force with the new president. As the national debate on carbon management continues to grow, so does the range of challenges and opportunities that abound this market. Now in its second year, Carbon Markets USA will once again provide an excellent meeting point for new market entrants and key market players, as they examine and explore the latest market developments and ways to further accelerate market growth. The 2007 inaugural Carbon Markets USA welcomed over 170 executives from across the US, UK, Europe and Latin America and featured high-level debate, discussion and analysis from a selection of leading players in government, industry and key associations involved in the region’s growing carbon market. This year’s event will continue to focus on in depth discussion and interactivity in order to get to the heart of the issues affecting the market.

By : Green Power conferences

15 Sep, 2008 - 16 Sep, 2008
United States US / Washington, DC
Developing Measurement Standards & Reduction Strategies For Carbon & Environmental Footprints

Linking Key Impact Areas Across Carbon, Environmental And Resource Management To Identify The Hotspot Areas For Environmental And Business Benefit

By : London Business Conferences

15 Sep, 2008 - 16 Sep, 2008
United States US / New York
Biofuels Markets Americas

The fifth edition of Biofuels Markets Americas, and the second annual biofuel event in Argentina, organised by Green Power Conferences in cooperation with the Argentine Association for Biofuels and Hydrogen, will provide an excellent platform for the global industry to learn the region’s opportunities in biofuels, address the key issues and do business. Latin America is a market leader in the biofuels industry, with 40% of the global production of ethanol and a biodiesel market that is expanding rapidly to satisfy the increasing global demand. For biofuel production, Latin America has the advantages of good soil, suitable climate, available land, and low labour costs. It will have a key role in future growth of global markets, with the World’s ever increasing demand for clean energy. Countries across the region are at different stages in the development of their industries: Argentina, with an efficient agribusiness sector that can rapidly incorporate technological innovations, is already emerging as a important player in the global biofuels market; Brazil, which has pioneered the ethanol industry, is the world’s second largest producer with production costs among the lowest in the world and biodiesel is also now a growing industry there; much of the rest of Latin America including Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay have adopted biofuels programmes or are planning to do so. Sustainability is the key issue and the event will look at the challenges of the introduction of certification, use of current feedstocks and how to address the Food vs. Fuel debate, the potential for the use of alternative feedstocks and new technology options. This is a must attend event for all players in the Latin American biofuels industry. A high level agenda has been developed after extensive research within the industry and all the key trends, from financing and policy developments to commercial project implementation, will be addressed. The event is designed to provide participants with a solid base for making informed decisions on future business strategies.

By : Green Power conferences

8 Sep, 2008 - 9 Sep, 2008
Argentina / Buenos Aires
Chasing Eden/ Nature, Health and the Politics of Environment

Altough post-1960 modern environmentalism seemed to promise an increased level of political activism in relation to the environment, an awkward tension between policy and politics persisted. An increasingly urbanized, fast-paced global political economy has struggled to appreciate the complexities and different temporal dimensions of ‘nature’s economy’. Moreover, the rise of technocratic, professional government has alienated the necessary ‘mass movement’ from environmental policy, which is deemed the preserve of specialist scientists. Similarly, the historical study of the environment and environmental ideas has become increasingly intellectually urgent, but it has engaged little with political history. A number of important historical works on the environmental history of various countries, on colonialism and the natural world, and on environmental ideas have appeared. But the history of environmental politics as a popular or electoral phenomenon remains neglected. In part this reflects the failure of environmental history to filter its methods and interests into political history. On the other hand, political historians (especially British) remain largely bound to the study of traditional topics - radicalism, liberalism, conservatism, popular politics – with little appreciation for the role of nature and the environment. This two-day conference seeks to encourage a conversation between historians of politics and historians of science, medicine, and environment on the topic of environmental politics in the modern era (particularly the nineteenth and twentieth centuries).

By : University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus, Department of HIstory

4 Sep, 2008 - 4 Sep, 2008
United Kingdom UK / Penryn, Cornwall
Measureing & Optimising Energy Efficiencies of Data Centres & IT Infrastructures

The First Summit To Really Delve Into All The Processes In The IT Life Cycle Where Energy Reduction Is Required Without Losing Strategic Focus Not just another ‘Green IT’ conference, the Carbon Footprint Energy Efficient IT Summit will provide a unique offering to IT Directors by both asking these next-level questions of ‘how’ and ‘where’, and providing actual solutions to common challenges associated with reducing energy consumption. Making A Measurable Impact On IT Operations

By : London Business Conferences

4 Sep, 2008 - 5 Sep, 2008
United Kingdom UK / London
"International Conference On Child Labour September 2008"

The conference would be held at: Hyde Park Motel Station Road, East Tisted, Near Alton, Hampshire, GU34 3QP Date: 2nd till 5th of September,2008 The world wide concern about Child labour and issues of child soldiers; it's impact on the fate of growing population of the Third world nations has risen to unprecedented levels in the last few years.This explosion of information on Child Abuse has made all of us much more aware of what is happening. But, the sheer magnitude of it can also be overwhelming. We often ask ourselves, in spite of all the media are we really certain about what we need to know and is there anything we as average citizens can do about it? Join us on 2nd till 5th of September 2008, as we learn the answers to those two important questions...


2 Sep, 2008 - 5 Sep, 2008
United Kingdom UK / Hampshire
Urban Transport 2008

Fourteenth International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment in the 21st Century Transportation in cities, with its related environmental and social concerns continues to be a topic of the utmost priority for urban authorities and central governments around the world. Frequently, the concern is not orderly but driven by the safety crises which take place regularly and even the best planned urban transport systems require considerable studies to safeguard their safety, maintenance and operational use.

By : Wessex Institute of Technology

31 Aug, 2008 - 2 Sep, 2008
Malta / Malta
Green Buildings (NSW)

The Climate for Change, Sustainability and Building Green:

By : Legal wise Seminars

31 Jul, 2008 - 31 Jul, 2008
Australia / Sydney
Genetics — Understanding Living Systems

Genomics revolutionized genetic research. Now, complete annotated genome sequences are available for the human, our closest relative, the chimpanzee, and for many other model organisms. Comprehensive maps of genome variation and polymorphism paint a rich picture of our population and evolutionary history and will explain genetic, epigenetic and environmental contributions to life processes. Bioinformatics and modelling of genomic data attempt to predict and explain the functional architecture of genomes across the diversity of organisms. The Congress in Berlin will present the latest genetic and genomic insights in ten plenary lectures and 54 concurrent symposia. 280 of the world’s most prominent geneticists will speak. The Abstract Submission Deadline has been extended to January 31, 2008.

By : Nature

12 Jul, 2008 - 13 Jul, 2008
Germany / Berlin

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Compte-Rendu du séminaire "Trouver des applications dès aujourd'hui pour une technologie de dema
Finding applications today for tomorrow's technology

The theme of the seminar was the use of hydrogen and fuel cells as a vialable transport solution in a low carbon world and focusing on new technology that takes into account users' needs while being aware of the dangers associated with the use of this combustible gas.

By : Yves BRETON
Product Type : Conference Summary
Pour une écologie industrielle

Au vue de la capacité des systèmes biologiques à transformer les déchets d’un organisme vivant en nourriture des chercheurs de General Motors dans les années 1980 ont prôné une approche de l’activité humaine qui vise à optimiser l’utilisation de matières ou d’énergie au sein d’un même territoire.

By : Ecole de Paris du Management
Product Type : Conference Summary
Gestion de l'eau en Isère : première conférence de citoyens territorialisée

Le séminaire avait pour sujet la gestion de l'aeu en Isère. Quelle eau voulons-nous pour 2020 ? Cette question a été posée à dix-huit femmes et hommes du sud de l'Isère par les responsables du schéma d'aménagement et de gestion des eaux du Drac et de la Romanche. Ils en ont ensuite rédigé un avis.

By : Ecole de Paris du Management
Product Type : Conference Summary
Compte-Rendu du séminaire "La chimie organique sans pétrole : le défi de Roquette Frères"
Non oil-based organic chemical production : the Roquette Frères' challenge

The use and prospects of polymers and the identification of organic-based molecules to be used in the nutrition/health industry and in the plant-based or 'green' chemical industry

By : Élisabeth BOURGUINAT
Product Type : Conference Summary
Lorsque le compteur d'eau donne la mesure du monde indien

Ce séminaire traite de la distribution d'eau en Inde et des difficultés qui peuvent en découler.

By : Ecole de Paris du Management
Product Type : Conference Summary

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Constructed Wetlands – Water Management, Treatment and Reuse

Reviewing the current policy and planning context, current technological developments and the wider benefits constructed wetlands can have in terms of water management and biodiversity.

By : Aqua Enviro Technology Transfer

18 Sep, 2012 - 19 Sep, 2012
United Kingdom UK / London
6th Annual International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Sciences (SEES2017)

Today’s challenge is to inspire the environmental science community through the interchange of knowledge and sharing of best practices in a global-scale context and toward advances for a low-carbon future.

By : Global Science and Technology Forum

6 Mar, 2017 - 7 Mar, 2017
Singapore / Singapore
ICUE 2016 International Conference and Utility Exhibition on Cogeneration, Small Power Plants and District Energy (ICUE 2016)

A venue to exchange ideas,experiences,technical,social,financial,econ. &policy issues in the Cogeneration, Small Power Plants & District Energy systems. Platform for Energy professionals,policy researchers,academe,engineers,etc., to report findings, innovations&transformative emerging technologies.

By : Asian Institute of Technology

14 Sep, 2016 - 16 Sep, 2016
Thailand / Bangkok