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Tresoriers et Cash Management

Les priorités pour garantir les liquidités,contrôler les risques et préparer les équipes aux futurs challenges. Les 179 pages de cet ouvrage vous permettront de bénéficier des témoignages des autorités de tutelle et professionnels de grands groupes français et européens.

By : Development Institute International
Product Type : Seminar / Training

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Preparing for Payroll Services, Year Ending 2015 - By Compliance Global Inc.

This webinar will assist the seasoned payroll professional on new legislation that need to be considered. How to assist the W-2 tax form newcomer to understand all the boxes on the form W-2 and what should be reported.

By : Compliance Global Inc

28 Oct, 2015 - 28 Oct, 2015
New York / New Hyde Park
Accurate Overtime Calculations under the Fair Labor Standards Act - By Compliance Global Inc.

Webinar on Fair Labour Standards Act for labor law posters, employee employer relationship, working time directive, time management training, human resource training

By : Compliance Global Inc

26 Oct, 2015 - 26 Oct, 2015
New York / New Hyde Park
Establishing a Reduced Testing Process for Incoming Materials - By Compliance Global Inc.

This webinar will help to increase understanding of requirements, how to maintain compliance and increase quality and to gain insight for improving supplier quality while reducing cost and gaining resources that can be applied to quality, product, and process quality.

By : Compliance Global Inc

20 Oct, 2015 - 20 Oct, 2015
New York / New Hyde Park