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MENA Ophthalmology Congress

Academic Conferences - MENA Ophthalmology Congress

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Begin date : 4/14/2016

End date : 4/16/2016

Location : United Arab Emirates / Dubai

By : maarefah management

Venue : n/d

Event Subject :

‘Achieving World Class Ophthalmic Excellence in the MENA Region’

Industries : Ophtalmology -
Keywords :
ophthalmology, optical, ophthometry
Event/Product information

The MENA Ophthalmology Congress taking place on 14-16 April 2016 aims to advance the quality of eye care and ophthalmology education and research in the region, through dissemination of latest knowledge by leading experts in the field. Join us in this 3-day streamed congress and gain insights into recent advancements and trends in the ophthalmology arena. 

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Organizer : maarefah management

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