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6th Annual International Conference on Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology (CBP2017)

Academic Conferences - 6th Annual International Conference on Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology (CBP2017)

Academic Conferences

Begin date : 3/6/2017

End date : 3/7/2017

Location : Singapore / Singapore

By : Global Science and Technology Forum

Venue : n/d

Event Subject :

Global perspectives shall complement discussions regarding the generation, promotion and implementation of evidence-based psychological practice.

Industries : Psychiatry -
Keywords :
Cognitive, Behaviour, Psychology
Event/Product information

Psychology professionals now more than ever are being called upon to respond to the needs of society and individuals experiencing crisis in different forms such as war, famine, economic turmoil, crime, murder, abuse, loneliness, and despair. This conference aims to bring together the world’s leading researchers, engineers and scientists whose professional interests involve psychological theories and practices and able to generate a major contribution to the formulation of global and regional strategies in the advancement of Psychology.

Web site :

Keynote Speakers:
Prof. Richard Bryant
Scientia Professor & NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow
School of Psychology University of New South Wales, Australia 
Assoc. Prof. Mike W.-L. Cheung
Department of Psychology
National University of Singapore
Prof. Carmen Lawrence
Director Centre for the Study of Social Change School
of Psychology 
University of Western Australia
Contact Us:
Global Science & Technology Forum (GSTF)
10 Anson Road, International Plaza,
Singapore 079903
Email: secretariat@cognitive-behavior.org
DID : +65 6327 0166
Fax : +65 6327 0162


About the organizer

Organizer : Global Science and Technology Forum

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