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Seamless Sample to Answer BioAnalytical and Diagnostic Systems
Sample Preparation for Virus,Toxin and Pathogen Detection and Identification Conference 2011

Sample Preparation for Virus, Toxin & Pathogen Detection & Identification 2011 conference focuses on the detection and identification of biological and chemical agents and threats, as well as the latest R&D developments.

By : Micheal Heller, University of California San Diego
Product Type : Business Conference
The Lab in a box Integrating the Macro and Micro Worlds to Achieve True Sample to Amswer Intergration
Sample Preparation for Virus, Toxin & Pathogen Detection & Identification 2012

Sample Prep is a recognized event for experts in sample preparation for detection and identification of viruses, toxins and pathogens. The conference focuses on the major issues and current state-of-the-art in the technologies related to the important phases of "real world" sample preparation

By : Dennis Harris, IntegenX, Inc.
Product Type : Business Conference
Un grand campus d'innovation technologique : de MINATEC à GIANT

MINATEC, campus d'excellence pour les micro et nanotechnologies agrégeant de multiples acteurs et favorisant le transfert entre la recherche fondamentale et l'industrie. Il crée GIANT, qui est ainsi à la fois un grand projet de formation, de sciences et de technologies et un grand projet d'urbanisme

By : Ecole de Paris du Management
Product Type : Conference Summary
Molecular Systematics of Ficus deltoidea Jack (Moraceae) Based on internal transcribed spacer
Advances in Biotechnology (BioTech 2011)

This multi-disciplinary conference provided a challenging forum for researchers and industry practitioners to share their original research results and practical development experiences on specific new challenges and emerging issues in biotechnology.

By : Nor-Zuhailah, M. Fatihah, N.H.N., Nashriyah, M., and Ali, A. M.,
Product Type : Academic Conferences
Integrated Lab On A Chip A Combined Sample Prep and PCR System
16th Biodetection Technologies Conference

BIODETECTION TECHNOLOGIES 2010 focuses on detection & identification of biological threats. The documentation and webcast explore the latest R&D developments and commercialization efforts in the cutting-edge fields of biodefense related technologies.

By : Claudia Gartner
Product Type : Business Conference

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Biodetection Technologies 2013

Detection & identification of biological threats and point-of-care analytical methods. This conference will review feedback from the end-users on biodefense and biomedical technologies and explore the cutting-edge in R&D and commercialization efforts in the field

By : Knowledge Foundation

18 Jun, 2013 - 19 Jun, 2013
Virginia / Alexandria
Sample Prep 2013

Sample preparation technologies for detection, identification, diagnostics and analysis of biomedical, biological and chemical agents, substances and threats in point-of-care, laboratory and field settings

By : Knowledge Foundation

9 May, 2013 - 10 May, 2013
California / San Diego
Next Generation Batteries 2013

Breakthroughs in new battery chemistries, novel electrode and electrolyte materials, system integration for a vast array of mobile, portable and stationary applications, from micro medical devices to high-energy/high-power automotive.

By : Knowledge Foundation

30 Apr, 2013 - 1 May, 2013
Massachusetts / Boston