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Driverless Technologies Insurance 2016

Assess The Short-Term and Future Impact of Autonomous and Driverless Technologies On Private Auto And Fleet Insurance Business Models, Liability, Pricing and Claims


17 Mar, 2016 - 17 Mar, 2016
United Kingdom UK / London
Multiphysics Simulation for Autosport / Motorsport Applications

Held at Williams F1, discussing virtual simulation of automotive motor and vehicle design, with case studies and toolsets for simulating or engineering solutions for road cars and race cars.

By : evvnt

11 Nov, 2015 - 11 Nov, 2015
United Kingdom UK / Grove
M2M Telematics for Usage Based Insurance

SMi's 2nd annual M2M Telematics for Usage Based Insurance conference will address developments for private consumer Pay as You Drive, automotive commercial insurance & fleet, as well as how the emergence of the connected car will impact the insurance industry.

By : SMi Group

19 Feb, 2014 - 20 Feb, 2014
United Kingdom UK / London