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Customs Single Window: Are You in Compliance?

An understanding of single window requirements. Discussion on documentation requirements (electronic vs. paper) and determining software requirements

By : Compliance online

1 Apr, 2016 - 1 Apr, 2016
California / Palo Alto
Mastering Customs Classification Under the Harmonized Tariff Schedule

Learn how to properly classify products. Master legal classification concepts which apply to each classification exercise and learn to create lasting compliance procedures.

By : Compliance online

30 Mar, 2016 - 30 Mar, 2016
California / Palo Alto
Exporting to Mexico Webinar Series 4: Harmonized System Code Basics and Special Certificates

An examination of the origin of the Harmonized System code. Understanding Mexico import/ export Harmonized System codes and Mexico’s classification ruling process.

By : Compliance online

26 Feb, 2016 - 26 Feb, 2016
California / Palo Alto