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Computation of the Capacity for Discrete Memoryless Channels and Sum Capacity of Multiple Access
Information Theory and Applications (ITA 2011)

This conference provides presented recent advances, research and new techniques in information theory and its applications.

Por : Various
Product Type : Conferencias académicas
What is the Right Mix of EDI and E-Invoicing and What are the Secrets to Effective...
4th Toning Up Purchase to Pay to Attain Touchless Processing

This conference provides all the tips to improve your core Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) around cost, quality and control and to tone up your Purchase to Pay Process.

Por : Karen McInerney
Product Type : Conferencia empresarial
Competition in the Shipbuilding Industry - Can the Korean Shipbuilding Giants Sustain their C...
Business Strategy and Organizational Behaviour (BizStrategy 2011)

BizStrategy provided opportunities for academics, researchers, experienced professionals and business people to share their research findings in this area.

Por : Anh Nam Sung & Naima Samuel & Polawat Pupipat
Product Type : Conferencias académicas
Le "Français", ce paquebot...

Le sujet du séminaire était la gestion de la Comédie-Française, qui est une institution prestigieuse et difficile à manœuvrer. Malgré tout, elle continue à proposer une programmation effrénée et maintient haut et fort son ambition de faire entendre les grands textes classiques et contemporains.

Por : Ecole de Paris du Management
Product Type : Conference Summary
Les mystères de la gouvernance des banques mutualistes

Le sujet du séminaire était les banques mutualistes. Elles ont un mode de gouvernance qui ferait frémir plus d'un théoricien du management. Bien que ce système puisse paraître étrange, les banques mutualistes détiennent 60 % du marché de la banque de détail. Quel est le secret de leur efficacité ?

Por : Ecole de Paris du Management
Product Type : Conference Summary

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Private Equity 2013, The Yale Club New York

16 Entrepreneurs and 150+ investors are expected to attend Private Equity 2013: National Angel-VC Summit and Capital Investment Forum on May 2 in the Grand Ballroom of The Yale Club New York.

Por : Starlight Capital, Inc.

2 may., 2013 - 2 may., 2013
New York / New York
4th Global Drucker Forum

At the core of the agenda of the 2012 Drucker Forum lie key questions about the future of capitalism: How can the weaknesses of the system be repaired without crushing the innovative energies of free enterprise and competitive markets? And what is the role of managers in this transformation?

Por : Peter Drucker Society Europe

15 nov., 2012 - 16 nov., 2012
Austria / Vienna
How Digital is Transforming the Role of IT

This seminar and workshop gives you a unique insight into the new forces at play in a digital-first world

Por : IRM UK

1 dic., 2016 - 2 dic., 2016
Reino Unido / London