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Non Destructive Testing Global Conference proceedings

Proceedings from the Non Destructive Testing Global Conference focusing on seeing through composites: industrial applications and trends. Non Destructive Testing is now often used to assess the quality of composite components, and to guaranty its fitness for purpose on critical components.

Par : JEC Composites
Product Type : Conférence d'Affaires
Reconfigurable Service Oriented Architecture for Service Robots- Challenges and Issues
Proceedings of the Software Engineering (SE 2010) conference

Software Engineering is an approach to developing software that attempts to treat it as a formal process more like traditional engineering than the craft that many programmers believe it is

Par : Various
Product Type : Conferences Académiques
Lawful Pre-FDA Approval & Pre-FDA Clearance Communication Webinar

How to communicate prior to product launch and off-label discussion to avoid violations of the Anti-Kickback Statute and False Claims Act.

Par : Compliance Online
Product Type : On Demand Webinar
Créativité et/ou Solidité: Le long chemin d'une maison d'édition

La maison d'édition de l’Olivier et de son futur. Un modèle conciliant exigence littéraire, rentabilité économique et fonctionnement à taille humaine.

Par : Ecole de Paris du Management
Product Type : Conference Summary
Advanced In Situ Characterization Techniques for the Optimization of PEM Fuel Cell Systems
Small Fuel Cells 2011

In its 13th year, the main focus was "Fuel Cells & Hybrid Devices for Commercial & Military Applications". It is the primary source of information for end-users, developers and manufacturers of portable fuel cell powered devices.

Par : Christopher Hebling Fraunhofer ISE Germany
Product Type : Conférence d'Affaires

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INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON “Regional Challenges to Multidisciplinary Innovation ” (RCMI- 2016)”

The main theme of the conference is “ Addressing Regional Challenges in Multidisciplinary Innovation ” (RCMI- 2016)”

Par : global illuminators

5 oct., 2016 - 6 oct., 2016
Émirats arabes unis / Dubai
5th International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management 2016 (ICSTEM 2016)

It aims to bring together leading academicians, Scientists, Researchers, Scholars and Students to exchange and share their Knowledge, experiences and research results on the aspects of advancements in Sciences, Technological, Engineering and Management.

Par : Zelus International

1 sept., 2016 - 2 sept., 2016
Émirats arabes unis / Dubai
6th International Conference on Modern Trends in Science, Engineering and Technology 2016 (ICMTSET 2016)

ICMTSET 2016 aims to provide an opportunistic forum and vibrant platform for researchers and industry practitioners to share their original research work and practical development experiences on specific new challenges and emerging issues.

Par : Zelus International

1 août, 2016 - 2 août, 2016
Émirats arabes unis / Dubai