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The Speaker Clinic
Attaining F&A shared Services Process Excellence

The Conference focused on how transform your finance operations to better meet your organisation's strategic goals and how tighten your process controls to comply with internal governance and external regulations and gain clearer visibility.

Par : Various
Product Type : Conférence d'Affaires
Lithium Intercalation in Nanoscale Electrode Materials Silicon Nanostructures
7th Annual International Conference on Lithium battery power 2011

Focused on the recent innovations within lithium-ion batteries that have propelled the technology into a position in the marketplace far exceeding recent market survey results.

Par : Corey Love - US Naval Research Laboratory
Product Type : Conférence d'Affaires
Improved Hybrid RMGT Distributed Scheduling Algorithm
Real-Time and Embedded Systems

The conference presents the latest research and advances from researchers and developers in the field of technology of real-time and embedded systems. Aiming to be expansive and inclusive, RTES 2010 looks to embrace new and emerging areas of real-time and embedded systems research.

Par : Various
Product Type : Conferences Académiques
A Framework for Measuring the Performance and Power Consumption of Storage Components under...
Proceedings from the Journal on Computing (JoC) Vol.1 No.2 February 2011

The proceedings present the theory, application, and social implications of diverse frontier research areas in science and technology.

Par : Various
Product Type : Conferences Académiques
6th Asian Conference on Pensions & Retirement Planning

The conference theme was “Seeking Sustainable Strategic Solutions for the Pensions Crisis”

Par : Ins Communications Pte Ltd
Product Type : Conférence d'Affaires

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27th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference

Join more than 3,000 anti-fraud professionals at the world’s largest anti-fraud event. This conference offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain the knowledge, resources and connections you need for the fight against fraud. Choose from more than 70 sessions in 13 parallel tracks.

Par : Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

12 juin, 2016 - 17 juin, 2016
Nevada / Las Vegas
4th international congress on Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy (CPP 2016)

Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy Congress (CPP) series provide a unique platform to discuss a wide range of topics related to maternal and fetal pregnancy associated cardiovascular conditions.

Par : evvnt

27 févr., 2016 - 1 mars, 2016
Nevada / Las Vegas
16th Annual Minimally Invasive Surgery Symposium (MISS)

The 16th Annual Minimally Invasive Surgery Symposium (MISS) will offer compelling lectures, surgical video presentations, and lively discussion and debate by world-renowned experts on advanced laparoscopic techniques for managing metabolic disorders, hernia, foregut and diseases of the colon.

Par : Global Academy for Medical Education, LLC

23 févr., 2016 - 26 févr., 2016
Nevada / Las Vegas