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The Solar Future: France

Conference focusing entirely on the emerging French PV Market. During this event, expert speakers presented their outlook concerning developments in the French market and share their knowledge and experience.

Par : SolarPlaza BV
Product Type : Conférence d'Affaires
Compte-rendu du séminaire "Reconquérir les espaces verts pour relancer la ville"
Reconquerir les espaces verts pour relancer la ville

Le séminaire avait pour sujet le développement d'espace vert dans la ville de Lille autre fois la moins verte de France.

Product Type : Conference Summary
Innovative Desalination and Water Purification Processes
Innovative Water Treatment and Processing Technologies

The event focussed on the challenges currently faced by the water industry, water treatment technologies, sustainable technologies and desalination.

Par : Adel Sharif
Product Type : Conférence d'Affaires
Compte-Rendu du séminaire "Trouver des applications dès aujourd'hui pour une technologie de dema
Trouver des applications dès aujourd'hui pour une technologie de demain

La réduction des émissions carbone amènes les entreprises à envisager d'utiliser d'autres technologie pour subvenir aux besoins futur. Lors de ce séminaire la technologie utlisiant l'hydrogène ont été mises en avant.

Par : Yves BRETON
Product Type : Conference Summary
Third Global PV Demand Conference 2009

Conference focused on the experiences and challenges, drivers, incentives, major segments, legal and financing issues, and the expected market-growth dynamics in the world's major PV markets in the event of a further price drop of solar modules.

Par : SolarPlaza BV
Product Type : Conférence d'Affaires

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Constructed Wetlands – Water Management, Treatment and Reuse

Reviewing the current policy and planning context, current technological developments and the wider benefits constructed wetlands can have in terms of water management and biodiversity.

Par : Aqua Enviro Technology Transfer

18 sept., 2012 - 19 sept., 2012
Royaume-Uni / London
6th Annual International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Sciences (SEES2017)

Today’s challenge is to inspire the environmental science community through the interchange of knowledge and sharing of best practices in a global-scale context and toward advances for a low-carbon future.

Par : Global Science and Technology Forum

6 mars, 2017 - 7 mars, 2017
Singapour / Singapore
ICUE 2016 International Conference and Utility Exhibition on Cogeneration, Small Power Plants and District Energy (ICUE 2016)

A venue to exchange ideas,experiences,technical,social,financial,econ. &policy issues in the Cogeneration, Small Power Plants & District Energy systems. Platform for Energy professionals,policy researchers,academe,engineers,etc., to report findings, innovations&transformative emerging technologies.

Par : Asian Institute of Technology

14 sept., 2016 - 16 sept., 2016
Thaïlande / Bangkok