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Conference on Digital Culture 2015: Animation Techniques and the Digital Art (in conjunction with ‘Conference on Digitization of the Humanities 2015: Technologizing Interconnections in Art, History and Literature’)

This conference will reveal how digital images in different forms, particularly in animation and digital art, have changed popular imagination and challenged traditional modes of seeing and thinking.

Par : The Open University of Hong Kong

17 déc., 2015 - 18 déc., 2015
Hong Kong / Hong Kong
37th EAIR Forum 2015

Conference on Higher Education under The European Higher Education Society at Danube University Krems

Par : EAIR - The European Higher Education Society

30 août, 2015 - 2 sept., 2015
Autriche / Krems
1st Global Mass Communication and Journalism Conference (MCJC2014)

(MCJC) aims to find out how to stay on top of technology developments and engage readers in the journalism field. Topics on advertising, communication, & public relations, etc. will be presented by well-known speakers and authorities.

Par : Aventis School of Management

25 sept., 2014 - 26 sept., 2014
Singapour / Singapore