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La maturation des innovations : l'expérience de Transvalor

Le sujet du séminaire était Transvalor SA, filiale d'Armines qui s'est réorientée vers la maturation et le développement industriel et commercial de logiciels scientifiques. Pascal Iris insiste sur les conditions de réussite d'une entreprise innovante issue des travaux d'un laboratoire.

Par : Ecole de Paris du Management
Product Type : Conference Summary
All documentation from: The AP Automation Summit: Proceedings (zip file)
The Accounts Payable Automation Summit

The conference focused on the critical success factors of Accounts Payable automation and the key considerations that will hinder or drive success.

Par : Various
Product Type : Conférence d'Affaires
All Documentation from: Toning Up Purchase To Pay To attain Touchless Processing: Proceedings
Toning Up Purchase to Pay to Attain Touchless processing

How pleased are you with your Purchase to Pay process? This conference in London looked at all the changes and applications you could adopt to help you reach the best Purchase to Pay (P2P) process within your company.

Par : Various
Product Type : Conférence d'Affaires
The 2nd European Conference on Intellectual Capital

The proceedings present the latest research and ideas on Intellectual Capital. The subjects covered by the papers illustrated the wide range of topics that fall into this important and growing area of research such as The Importance of Intellectual Capital in Organisational Sustainability.

Par : Academic Conferences Limited
Product Type : Academic Proceedings
4 steps to hitting 90% automated reconciliation rates, slashing your cost per invoice by 79%...
Attaining F&A shared Services Process Excellence

The Conference focused on how transform your finance operations to better meet your organisation's strategic goals and how tighten your process controls to comply with internal governance and external regulations and gain clearer visibility.

Par : Jan Eric Meyer-Hubbert
Product Type : Conférence d'Affaires

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Private Equity 2013, The Yale Club New York

16 Entrepreneurs and 150+ investors are expected to attend Private Equity 2013: National Angel-VC Summit and Capital Investment Forum on May 2 in the Grand Ballroom of The Yale Club New York.

Par : Starlight Capital, Inc.

2 mai, 2013 - 2 mai, 2013
New York / New York
4th Global Drucker Forum

At the core of the agenda of the 2012 Drucker Forum lie key questions about the future of capitalism: How can the weaknesses of the system be repaired without crushing the innovative energies of free enterprise and competitive markets? And what is the role of managers in this transformation?

Par : Peter Drucker Society Europe

15 nov., 2012 - 16 nov., 2012
Autriche / Vienna
How Digital is Transforming the Role of IT

This seminar and workshop gives you a unique insight into the new forces at play in a digital-first world

Par : IRM UK

1 déc., 2016 - 2 déc., 2016
Royaume-Uni / London