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Sexual Harassment: Awareness, Prevention and Addressing for Managers and Employees - By Compliance Global Inc.

This comprehensive and highly interactive webinar will help you and your staff gain a thorough understanding of all the issues surrounding sexual harassment, and assist you in designing policies and programs to eliminate the risk of sexual harassment in your workplace.

Par : Compliance Global Inc

15 oct., 2015 - 15 oct., 2015
New York / New Hyde Park
Predictive Analytics World for Government 2015

Predictive Analytics World for Government is the only vendor-neutral analytics conference for government. Join members of government, academia, nonprofits, and the press to learn the impact that analytics can deliver. Use Discount Code CFS150 and save.

Par : Predictive Analytics World

13 oct., 2015 - 16 oct., 2015
District of Columbia / Washington
Ethics for Transactional Attorneys - By Compliance Global Inc.

webinar on Transactional Attorneys will enable you to understand and anticipate the fundamental ethical issues that may arise while providing transactional legal services in California.

Par : Compliance Global Inc

6 oct., 2015 - 6 oct., 2015
New York / New Hyde Park