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GSTf WNC - 5th Annual Worldwide Nursing Conference (WNC 2017)

Nursing practice is both a science and an art. It requires scientific skill yet demands a strong background in the social sciences and humanities.

Par : Global Science and Technology Forum

24 juil., 2017 - 25 juil., 2017
Singapour / Singapore
XXVI Congress of the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry

Our Society welcome you in our beautiful country, where we will be looking forward to hearing that you have booked this date to attend this wonderful celebration for Paediatric Dentistry worldwide.

Par : evvnt

4 oct., 2017 - 7 oct., 2017
Chili / Santiago
34th World Congress of Internal Medicine (WCIM 2018)

34th World Congress of Internal Medicine (WCIM 2018) provides a unique platform to discuss all aspects of Internal Medicine.

Par : evvnt

18 oct., 2018 - 21 oct., 2018
Afrique du Sud / Cape Town

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Verification and Validation (V&V) of Software in the Medical Devices

This 90-minute presentation will cover the FDA Quality System Requirements for software used in medical devices. The presenter will review FDA guidelines on software verification and validation and discuss methods to verify and validate even complex software.

Par : Compliance Online
Product Type : On Demand Webinar
How to prepare for and survive a CLIA inspection - Clinical Laboratories Improvement Act

In this CLIA inspection webinar understand how to get your lab ready for inspection, what the inspectors will look for and how to do inspection follow up and response.

Par : Compliance Online
Product Type : On Demand Webinar
Appropriate and Lawful Off-Label Dissemination- Webinar

Since the prosecution of off-label uses has intensified, companies need to revisit everything they do in the off-label arena. While off-label “sales” have never been illegal, because physicians can and do lawfully prescribe products for off-label uses, off-label “promotion” is illegal.

Par : Compliance Online
Product Type : On Demand Webinar
FDA's Rules for Financial Disclosure in Clinical Trials Clarified: New Guidance, Practical Application

This webinar will help you understand the current FDA requirements regarding financial disclosure in clinical trials. It will discuss differences from the older requirements, and tips to assure compliance all start of clinical trials till the submission of data in a marketing approval application.

Par : Compliance Online
Product Type : On Demand Webinar
Les étranges pouvoirs des rites sur le cerveau

Des gestes répétés, des perceptions de tous ordres, conscientes ou inconscientes, impriment dans diverses zones de nos cerveaux des marques durables, qui ont de grands effets sur nos pensées et nos comportements. Ces découvertes jettent une lumière nouvelle sur le pouvoir des rites.

Par : Ecole de Paris du Management
Product Type : Conference Summary

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International Conference on Occupational Health & Safety Summit

The International Conference on Occupational Health and Safety Summit-2012 will schedule and coordinate all meetings with our Editorial Board Members and other experts in the Research and Therapy field across the World.

Par : OMICS Group

5 sept., 2012 - 7 sept., 2012
États-Unis / Philadelphia
ICDD2017 V International Congress on Dual Disorders

Join us in Madrid, Spain for the V International Congress on Dual Disorders - ICDD 2017. 23 - 26 March, 2017. See you there

Par : evvnt

23 mars, 2017 - 26 mars, 2017
Espagne / Madrid
6th Annual International Conference on Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology (CBP2017)

Global perspectives shall complement discussions regarding the generation, promotion and implementation of evidence-based psychological practice.

Par : Global Science and Technology Forum

6 mars, 2017 - 7 mars, 2017
Singapour / Singapore