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Aeronautics Forum Proceedings - Next generation integrated composites aerostructure

Proceedings from Aeronautics Forum focusing on introducing next generation integrated composites aerostructures. The topics cover the spectrum of aerostructures including fuselage and airframe barrels, doors with advanced stitched performs and main landing gear fittings with ultra thick laminates.

Par : JEC Composites
Product Type : Conférence d'Affaires
Using Stable Isotope Ratios to Match Bacterial Spore Samples
16th Biodetection Technologies Conference

BIODETECTION TECHNOLOGIES 2010 focuses on detection & identification of biological threats. The documentation and webcast explore the latest R&D developments and commercialization efforts in the cutting-edge fields of biodefense related technologies.

Par : Derek Janszen
Product Type : Conférence d'Affaires
Ignoring The Detector: Fast, Modular, Agnostic Sample Preparation
Sample Preparation for Virus,Toxin and Pathogen Detection and Identification Conference 2011

Sample Preparation for Virus, Toxin & Pathogen Detection & Identification 2011 conference focuses on the detection and identification of biological and chemical agents and threats, as well as the latest R&D developments.

Par : Maxim Shusteff, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Product Type : Conférence d'Affaires
Studies on Analgesic activity of a Mangrove Species – Rhizophora mucronata Poir.
Advances in Biotechnology (BioTech 2011)

This multi-disciplinary conference provided a challenging forum for researchers and industry practitioners to share their original research results and practical development experiences on specific new challenges and emerging issues in biotechnology.

Par : T. Ramanathan and Hridayanadhi Hajong, Centre of Advanced Study
Product Type : Conferences Académiques
Compte-Rendu du séminaire "Pasteur BioTop, la rage d'incuber"
Pasteur BioTop, la rage d'incuber

Le sujet du séminaire était la création de Pasteur BioTop, un incubateur d'entreprise pour valoriser ses brevets via la création de start-ups.

Par : Élisabeth BOURGUINAT
Product Type : Conference Summary

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Biodetection Technologies 2013

Detection & identification of biological threats and point-of-care analytical methods. This conference will review feedback from the end-users on biodefense and biomedical technologies and explore the cutting-edge in R&D and commercialization efforts in the field

Par : Knowledge Foundation

18 juin, 2013 - 19 juin, 2013
Virginia / Alexandria
Sample Prep 2013

Sample preparation technologies for detection, identification, diagnostics and analysis of biomedical, biological and chemical agents, substances and threats in point-of-care, laboratory and field settings

Par : Knowledge Foundation

9 mai, 2013 - 10 mai, 2013
California / San Diego
Next Generation Batteries 2013

Breakthroughs in new battery chemistries, novel electrode and electrolyte materials, system integration for a vast array of mobile, portable and stationary applications, from micro medical devices to high-energy/high-power automotive.

Par : Knowledge Foundation

30 avr., 2013 - 1 mai, 2013
Massachusetts / Boston