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Searching for the way in China

Seminario / Formacion - Searching for the way in China
Seminario / Formacion

Por : Ecole de Paris du Management

Fecha : 2006

Location : Francia / Paris

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Description :

The testimony of a French business unit manager working as an expatriate for Danone in China, focusing on achieving results and keeping his teams together in a different culture.

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expatriate managers in china, inter-cultural management, chinesse management

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At the end of 2002, Dominique Poiroux left France to manage a Danone business unit in China, with nothing but a few basic ideas on the local lifestyle, the Traité de l'efficacité (Treaty of Efficiency) by François Jullien and the enigmatic blessing of Franck Riboud: "after all, you are a bit Chinese !"


On arriving, he discovered the two-fold pressure that is permanently on the shoulders of all expatriate managers : achieving results and keeping your teams together. He then started on a daily quest for meaning, learning a very different rhythm than he had become used to at the École polytechnique, becoming aware of ideas such as listening and patience, discovering a cultural universe that was strangely similar and yet deeply foreign. Four years later, Dominique Poiroux has certainly not yet become Chinese, but he is definitely no longer entirely French.



About the speaker: Dominique POIROUX


Engineer from the school of Mines, vice-president of Natural Active Health Partnerships in Groupe Danone, he was managing director of Danone Biscuits China from 2002 to 2006, and managing director of Research & Development (R&D) at Groupe Danone from 1999 to 2002 ; he was cabinet director to the Secretary of State for Research from 1995 to 1997.


Presentation from Dominique POIROUX followed by Q&A session.


The document is a report of the speaker presentation and the Q&A Session.


Compte-Rendu du séminaire "En quête de la voie en Chine"

Descipción Organización : Le rapport inclut un compte-rendu de l'intervention et de la session de Questions/Réponses. (11 pages)

Product Type : Conference Summary

Autor : Pascal LEFEBVRE

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Idiomas : FRANCES

Report from "Searching for the way in China" Seminar.

Descipción Organización : The document is a report of the speaker presentation and the Q&A Session. (11 pages)

Product Type : Conference Summary

Autor : written by Pascal LEFEBVRE and translated by Andrew WEAL

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Idiomas : INGLES

Organizador : Ecole de Paris du Management

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