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• Access instantly the content from events you could not attend
• Conferences focus on the latest academic, business or market research
• Speakers present the latest trends, insights, business intelligence and industry analysis their sector
• The documentation includes the slides or papers from the speakers but in many cases also the audio or video providing full access to what they said or was asked to them, as if you were there.





How to buy conference documentation (Presentations, proceedings, audio or video)?

What kind of conference documentation do we cover?

Why buy conference proceedings and documentation (presentations, audio or video)?





After Selecting the documentaion you want to buy from our documentation shop, you need to register as a user to complete the sale but also you will be able to subscribe to receive updates of new content added to our library or upcoming events in your preferred sector.


Browse our directory of conference documentation and proceedings where you just need to click on 'add to cart' after selecting the documents of your choice. Once the payment is received you will be allowed to download the files bought on your account or they will be sent to you when a digital version is not available.


Please contact us if you require of further information.





Q. What are different methods for ordering?
How do I order?
What if I'm not satisfied with a purchase?
How do I pay for my order?
How can I be invoiced first?
What is the currency for the payments?
Is it possible to buy only one section/ presentation ?
How long will it take to receive my order?
Can I receive the documentation and then send the payment?
I have not received my confirmation of purchase by email yet. What should I do?
What are the file formats of the documentation?
What is the delivery process?
What is the return policy?




We cover any quality documentation from past conferences or similar events (seminars, summits, workshops, symposiums, etc). The content can include, depending on availability, the slides from the speakers, audio and/or video. All content included is specified on the desscription of the product. 


We currently cover content in English, French and Spanish and we aim to cover all sectors and industries. Content can be from an academic or business events.


We currently have documentation and proceedings for the following sectors:


Business & Management, Climate Change, Financial Services, Government & Public Sector & Internet, Telecoms & Computing.






An invaluable source of market intelligence and research


Conferences are an invaluable source of market intelligence and research. In many cases, the new trends or the latest research are firstly presented and discussed at business or academic conferences.


Conference documentation and proceedings represent the final archival record of a conference. They provide a rich source of information via the speaker presentations, the papers presented as well as video and audio which are specially important for the questions and answers sessions, where the most interesting and challenging topics are sometimes discussed.


Most conference documentation includes the data, main drivers and issues to help you with your strategic-planning, cuurent research, business development or simply to stay update on your preferred industry or topic.


Because of the rapid development in some fields, many of the most important insights, drivers and challenges are reported in conferences and thus included in the documentations or the conference proceedings, rather than in books or journals, which have a longer publishing cycle.


For some academic or very niche sectors where there are no conferences on a regular basis, conference documentation and proceedings become the only source of information.



Simplicity and availability


Because of conflicting dates, location or budget restrictions you might have missed a conference. Conferesum is the closest thing to you being there.


Finding the most valuable conference to attend is difficult but it is even more difficult to find the documentation of a past conference, Conferensum selects and agregates the best content for you.


Purchase and delivery

Q. What are the different methods of ordering?
A. You can order using the following methods.

  1. Order online. This is our preferred method since it the fastest way to access your products.

  2. Pro forma Invoice. If you need a Pro-forma invoice please send us all your details and the products you request via the contact us page.

Q. How do I order?
A. To order a product, click on the "Add to Cart" button on the product's page. The conference content will be placed in your Shopping Cart. The cart will hold all of your selections until you're ready to check out with your purchases. To check out or to simply view the items in your cart, click on the "Shopping Cart" icon at the top of any of the Conferensum pages. From the Shopping Cart, click the "Proceed to Checkout" button to place your order. Please note that not all format options (podcast, documents) are available for all products/reports and that some products may have unique delivery options.

Q. What if I'm not satisfied with a purchase?
A. If the files or documents you received are damaged or corrupted, please
contact us so we can solve this issue. As stated in our purchase policy, we are not responsible for the content of third parties and conference organizers. We focus on making your selection and purchase process as smooth as possible and to provide as much information and detail before your purchase. Please read carefully all the information and description of the product. If you still are not satisfied with your purchases please let us know.

Q. How do I pay for my order?
A. You can pay by credit card or paypal. We accept all major credit cards. If you need to pay using any other method of payment please
contact us to see if we can arrange an alternative payment method.

Q. How can I be invoiced first?
A. If you require an invoice, please send us an email to
contact us with your details and product(s) details.

Q. What is the currency of the products?
A. All prices are in Euros. To get the latest exchange rate you can go to or

Q. Is it possible to buy a section of the product?
A. Currently we do not support selling parts of the products but if you wish you can buy only the documentation or podcast products separately (if available).

Q. How long will it take to receive my order?
A. Most of our products are available after payment for download or by email. The product will be available automatically but it could take up to 24 hours in some cases. In case of hard copy or if the supplier is sending the product directly to you, this will depend on availability and your location vis-à-vis the supplier. For these cases, hard copy is made via international courier and normally takes between 5 and 7 business days.

Q. Can I receive the product and then send the payment?
A. Due to the electronic nature of the information products it is our policy that we do not send or release a product before receiving payment.

Q. I have not received my product by email yet. What should I do?
A. Please make sure that you inbox has adequate space or size permission to receive the files that we are sending you. It might be necessary to contact your administrator to ensure that the email is not blocked by a spam filter. If you still have problems please
contact us.

Q. What are the file formats of the products.
A. File formats documents are available on PDF. Audio and video content is in a format that can read by the most video or audio readers, please check each conference for details.  To view a PDF File you will need to the Adobe Acrobat Reader™ that can be downloaded from the acrobat web site.

Q. What is the delivery process?
A. If you choose to purchase an electronic product, you will receive an email to access the file when is it ready on your account, or receive it by email as an attachment (please make sure that you email system allows you the get the file or accept attachments of the size required). If the product delivery method is downloading, you will be able to access to it directly from "my account" section on the website.

Q. What is the return policy?
A. Due to the nature of the information products, Conferensum has a ‘no return’ policy. Please make sure before you purchase to review all information available on the site to ensure that the product you selected meets your requirements. If you need further information please
contact us.
As we provide third party content, Conferensum, assumes no responsibility on either the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information of the qualitative or quantitative data provided within the product information.
We have a strong process to select the best quality products and services for our clients and some services or information might be delivered directly by the conferences organizers. Conferensum makes no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the services and information provided by third parties.


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